Why are we here?

Is human-ness a chance occurrence? Or do we have some special purpose? Why is it that only we can do all these different things and other animals cannot? It is privilege no other creature enjoys. So why are we here?

We are here to connect.
We are here to build something.
We are here to achieve greatness.
We are here to rise.
We are here to be kind and passionate, at the same time compassionate.

Passion with Compassion, as our favorite Uncle Bala (Dr Bala Balachandran) always says.

We are not here to wallow in mediocrity.
We are not here to be ordinary.
We are not here to remain seeds, but to burst forth and become the tree that will give shade to millions.

We build bridges and connect two hitherto unconnected places. People from different sides can now connect with and know each other, learn from each other and hopefully use their learning to build a better future for our children.

As humans, it is our duty to build something new all the time, and to connect all the creatures of this planet in harmony. 

It is our responsibility to connect with each other, to rise above petty ideas like races, religions and to bind each other in positive give and take relationship. We must nurture respect for all living beings and live harmoniously. We must be kind. We cannot afford to be selfish – selfishness can only lead to our downfall.

We must bring unselfish harmony and kindness to the great chaos of the universe.

That is why we are here.

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Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

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