When God Created Man

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From the early days when god created man he sent him alone to this earth. But to contemplate this fact , he gave man the power to reproduce and produce one of its own kind. This phenomenon underlines the fact that man is a social being.

As per Wikipedia, A human society is a group of people involved in persistent interpersonal relationships, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Human societies are characterized by patterns of relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and institutions; a given society may be described as the sum total of such relationships among its constituent members. In the social sciences, a larger society often evinces stratification or dominance patterns in subgroups.

When God Created Man Explained

This occurrence in my view resembles an analogy with radicals in the science of chemicals (chemistry). Just like free radicals are unstable in nature by themselves and always search for stability in another radical of heterogeneous nature, in the same way a single man is like a free radical and always searches for stability in another individual of its kind.

The concept of Set Theory in Mathematics can also be beheld as an analogical situation here. If a single man is considered as an element then a set of similar men form a set. Just like a group of men with similar culture and linguistics form a state or a country. Now, the single man is an element of the set state, which in turn is a subset of the superset country and which in turn is a superset of the globe.

When God Created Man - Set Theory Venn Diagram

In a similar way we can find several instances in the art of science which beholds the social nature of men. There are several reasons why the above examples are given. Before that we have to understand the words ‘Art of science’. Now this is so because I am of the opinion that science in itself is an art and art in itself follows a science. As we are aware that everything in science is either a theory or a hypothesis. The above two examples in this context are both theories, i.e. they are proven with experimentation.

To go one step further in the same line, since we are a composition of some elements of chemistry (i.e. our body constitutes of several chemical elements) which when alone are dead (or unstable) but when integrated are alive (or stable). In the same way if we extend the concept of set theory, then every man is a subset and the society is the superset. This proves the fact that man is actually a social being.

Now if we switch our context to sociology, we get the statement that ‘I am the society and every man is the society’. This statement, if considered in the above light does actually have an analogous nature in my view, although we sometimes cannot find a direct analogy but application of our logical reasoning leads to a somewhat similar conclusion. One thing to be kept in mind here is that the above derivation is a hypothesis and critics may differ, which they will (No entity is perfectly stable), contributes further to the fact that the analogy pictured here is only humane.


Another fact that fascinates me is that although man is a social being in each and every action he/she commits, but still he/she sometimes is totally unaware of this fact. A modern day person when consuming food at home is served by his wife, now this food in turn is cooked either by his wife or by the maid. The maid in turn is paid by the man. So here (although a very small example) we find a concept of a micro society being formed wherein three individuals knowingly or unknowingly are contributing to their social cause. One more thing to notice here is that each of the three entities here are equally important in their own way. If the maid does not cook then there is no food to eat, if the wife does not serve then there is no satisfaction with the man, if the man does not eat then he is left hungry and dissatisfied and finally if the man does not pay the maid then the maid is left as financially weak.

The above example may sound very compact and satisfying, but one question that indefinitely arises from this, is the fact that who among the three is more important? The answer is relative. As we know everything is relative (remember the theory of relativity). The man has money with which he can buy many valuable things, he has respect in the society and this serves to satisfy his ego. The wife is the befitting counterpart of the man and she is considered the better half of the man. The wife also has social respect and is socially very affluent. The maid on the other hand has less finance and respect but she can interact with the society in a more liberal and free manner, in the sense that she can enjoy the goods of nature without drawing much of unwanted attention , which the man and the wife cannot. So in essence all three of them are left equally satisfied as well as equally unsatisfied at the end of the day.

When God Created Man - Globalization

Another concept of paramount importance here is that our unity lies in our diversity. This fact is eulogized in many spheres of life and in multiple instances. Let us take the most impending and strong point of all. It is inevitably ‘Globalization’. The boon of globalization has in essence improved the global economy in a rapid and mammoth stature. Here we see that people from varied cultures and backgrounds contribute towards a common cause thus making the whole system open source. The advantage being that the whole system is easily customizable and thus subject to rapid improvement and development.


To conclude with, we will go back to the beginning. God created man but did not give a single man every boon. He gave a group of similar and dissimilar men, a group of similar and dissimilar good. This in itself highlights the fact that God created man as a social being.

Every man aspires to be perfect, but somehow or the other he / she cannot (ample real life examples we find in the newspaper every day). The only respite is the Society. We end with the paramount and inevitable conclusion that ‘When left single – I will try, and when together – we definitely can’. On the lines of Probability (Mathematics), 1 man attempting a single task and 100 men attempting the same task collectively , increases the probability of achieving the goal by 100 times. This in itself is the long and short of ‘society’ and we hope for your contemplative thoughts on the same.


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Tathagata Dey

Tathagata Dey is an Information Technology Analyst working with Tata Consultancy Services. He is a freelance writer and an occasional blogger. His goal is to establish the fact that ‘Religion and Science, both followed in their purest forms, lead to similar logical conclusions and results, thus generating and imbibing rational thought-process and belief in ourselves.

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    Very Well written article Mr. tathagata. It is very depth and spiritual to me. Your insights about creating a Man by God is very informational to me. It such a divine experience to me. I hope this article will help people to understand his duty of being a Human.


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