Top Rated herbal tea brands in India

In this article I provide top rated herbal tea brands in India. For each of these teas, I have discussed the tea features, packaging, taste, health & mental benefits, company history and other trivia. Hope you find it useful.

#8 Mango ‘n Friends – Fruity – Rooibos – Herbal Loose Leaf Tea – Caffeine Free – Hot & Iced Tea (110g / 4oz)

Our Mango n’ Friends is a refreshing and fruity combination of Mango, pineapple, strawberries and tangerine with pure red rooibos, creating a super flavorful healthy alternative to sugary juice, and makes the best fruity iced tea, or tea cocktails.

Caffeine Free – Fruity Herbal Blend
Perfect for ice of hot tea infusion

Rooibos tea, natural blood orange flavoring, pineapple cubes, mango cubes, pineapple and mango flakes, orange slices, flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, safflower, marigold blossoms, freeze-dried strawberry slices.

Product Description – Size:4oz / 110g


  1. Reviews Received by the Product have been generally positive.
  2. Fruity and especially good when had with ice.
  3. Big fruit pieces gives a wonderful juicy fruity flavor.

#7 Tea Lab | Royal Kashmiri Kahwa , Mountain Green Tea with Saffron and Indian Spices 100 gms

Leaf Green tea delicately blended with roasty almonds, saffron strands, rose petals and indian spices, the Kashmiri Kahwa is a sensory delight.

Green Tea, Roasted Almonds, Saffron Strands, Rose Petals, Cardamom, Cinnamon

Time of Consumption
Best loved in the afternoon on a cold wintry day

Take 2 grams of tea in a Pot
Pour Hot Water and let it brew for a minute
Strain the Tea into cups and relish the equisite Kahwah Flavour

Suggested Add-ons
Any sweetener of your choice and finely sliced almonds

#6 Herbal Seeds & Spices Stores Organic Lemongrass-Nettle leaf Mint flavored tea 200gm

Herbal Seeds And Spices Stores is a coompany based out of Uttarakhand. Their products include Organic teas, like Nettle leaf tea, Lemon grass tea, Mint tea, Peppermint tea, and other processed organic fruits and vegetables.

  • Organic Lemongrass dried,nettle leaf dried and mint leaf chopped into small pieces
  • Free of preservative

To make tea use one or two spoons, boil 5 to 7 minutes add sugar w/o sugar to consume.

Trivia/ Review
Can be used to make Parsi chai – it gives a lovely flavor to chai made on the stove with milk and tea leaves.
Can also brew with green tea for added flavor.

#5 Basilur Fruit Infusions Loose Tea, Bloody Orange, 100g

Basilur Tea is a 100% Pure Ceylon tea product company. They offer a range of Ceylon High Grown teas, Medium Growns and Low Growns. High Grown & low Grown black teas are also available with & without flavours. They also provide a range of flavoured & non flavored green teas.

  • Basilur’s blood orange infusion is a burst of exquisite citrus flavours which will refresh your palate with every sip
  • A delightful combination of natural apple, natural zesty orange peel, orange flower and other natural ingredients
  • A perfect thirst quencher to be taken cold or a perfect complement to any dessert when taken warm
  • Available in beautifully designed paper packets with loose leaf tea

Orange peel, hibiscus, orange flower, apple, sunflower, rosehip shell and flavours orange and cream.

Features/ Reviews

  • Unique silhouette leaf container allows to fully appreciate ceylon’s teas.
  • Exotic tea – definitely premium.
  • One can smell the orange blossoms and apple in the tea
  • The packaging is beautiful
  • Soothes the throat and eases my bodyache.

#4 TE-A-ME Orange Ginger Infusion Tea Pack of 25 Tea Bags

TE-A-ME is a 70 year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas. They offer black teas, natura; green teas, aromatic spice teas, frtuit and flower infusions teas.

Features/ Review

  • This tea is a blend of orange peel, ginger, apple pomace, cinnamon, clove and hibiscus.
  • The infusion is good with great flavour and fragrance.
  • Helps one relax.
  • Some people have found the orange flavor slightly stronger compared to ginger falvor.
  • Generally it is a good tea with great refreshing taste

# 3 Tea Lab | Turkish Apple Tea with Natural Dried Apple

This tea tries to recreate the tastes of teas on banks of Bosphorus and through the bazaars of Istanbul.

  • It is a spciy combination of the east and the west.
  • A combination of Dried Apples, Hibiscus, Cloves, Dried Ginger, Cardamon, Pepper, Stevia, Cornflower petals.
  • Natural flavours.
  • It contains no Caffeine

Dried Apples, Hibiscus, Cloves, Dried Ginger, Cardamon, Pepper, Stevia, Cornflower petals, Natural flavours


  1. Take 2 grams of tea in a Pot.
  2. Pour Hot Water and let it brew for 3-4 minutes .
  3. Strain the tea into cups and enjoy Turkish taste.

Features/ Review

  • Very refreshing – can be had cold as well.
  • The subtle flavor of apple makes the tea taste wonderful and leaves behind a refreshing flavour.
  • This tea goes well with Rum.
  • Best loved in the afternoon on a cold wintry day and in the evenings on other days.

# 2 TE-A-ME Cranberry Apple Fruit and Flower Herbal Tea Infusion Pack of 25 Tea Bags

Has a unique balance of sweet cranberries and juicy apples, blended very well.

Hibiscus (43%), Rosehip (36%), Apple Peel (16%), Natural Cranberry Apple Flavor (2.5%) and Natural Apple Flavor (2.5%)

Features/ Review

  • Great flavour, aroma and color.
  • There are times when you want some taste to your healthy tea without adding sugar to it – this tea is the best in this category because of its citrus taste combined with cranberry.
  • Overall great tangy flavor.

#1 TE-A-ME Chamomile Infusion Tea Pack of 25 Tea Bags

TE-A-ME Chamomile Herbal Infusion Tea is made from Egyptian Chamomile Flowers, imported and carefully packed in a sterile facility. Chamomile flowers have been attributed to have a soothing effect on the mind and body, releasing stress and aiding in sleep.
Caffeine Free and 100 percent Nautral
Made from Egyptian Chamomile Flowers

Features/ Reviews

  • The tea smells amazing just like herbal flowers.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • The taste is not bitter and it does not require any extra additional sweetening agent.
  • Best for unwinding at the end of the day – nature’s gentle way of bringing a peaceful end to a long hard day.
  • Best consumed in the evening or even after dinner.
  • It helps in calming the stomach and in sleeping well.
  • Helps in digestion problem and acidity problems.
  • The tea bags are bigger compared to other comparable brands.

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