God – Where Three becomes One

I am me. I am here. What is God then? And where is it?

Let us take the following provisional definition as accepted by the Mother – “God is the perfection we all strive to achieve”.

Fair enough, The implication of this statement is as follows.

– If you are happy, God is the happiest.
– If you are sad, God is the saddest.
– If you are funny, God is the funniest.
– If you are a jerk, God is the biggest jerk.
– If you are tall, God is the tallest.
– If you are an Iyer, God is the (h)ighest
– If you are a terrorist, God is the most terrorizing terrorist.
– If you are a vegetarian, God is a Jain
– If you are fast, God is the fastest
– If you are slow, God is the slowest

You get the picture, right? Whatever you think you are, God is the same thing infinite times more.
From this we can conclude:
– God is an undifferentiated whole where the most intense of love, hatred, terror, romance, weirdness, gentleness etc together reside.
– God is again that which is fastest and slowest at the same time, tallest and shortest at the same time and so on

In other words, God is the melting pot where all the seemingly differentiated, conflicting and even diametrically opposite things become one. Ideas like slowness, fastness, stillness all merge into an undifferntiated whole.

Whichever way you look at it, it all boils down to One.*

One Truth. Triple aspects of undeifferentiated whole, the faculty of differentiability and seeds of differentiation.

The question yet again is, how does the 3 become 1 and how does the 1 become 3?

* Obviously this One has nothing to do with silly ideas like monotheism and angry Gods and their fake prophets and messengers.

Division by Zero

So what exactly happens when we divide by zero?
Excel throws a #DIVO/0! error and mathematical functions explode or implode in the vicinity of a division by zero. The simplest function of this sort is 1/x, which works beautifully everywhere except at x = 0.
The relation of zero (or nothingness) with infinity (everything-ness) is perhaps best observed through division. The explosion that I was talking about, as illustarted below.
1/0.1 = 10
1/0.001 = 1,000
1/0.00001 = 100,000
….. …..
and so on.
1/0 = Boooom !!! — > Something bad happens here!! Undefined !!!
What is clear is that the smaller the divisor, the larger the resulting number. For divisors tending to zero, the result tends to infinity. Thus division is the link between zero (or tending to zero) and infinity.
Why does 0 behave in such a way?
For centuries, zero or nothingness has confounded the thinkers of every civilization. In fact, had it not been for the ancient Hindus who “discovered” zero, we would still have been in the dark ages perhaps. The Indians passed on zero to the Arbas who passed it on to the west. The west became civilized (sort of), the Arabs became more primitive, while the Indians continue to be primitive, after having conceded the benefits of the zero to the west through the Arabs. But that’s a different story altogether (just remind me, I’ll talk about it in a latter post).
Coming back to the matter in hand – as of now, we have two entities linked by one operation – zero and infinity or undefined related through division. One way of looking at this is to consider the following analogy. 
God as we* perceive is potentially Infinite and is undefined in the unperceived (unperceivable) state. And men in their raw state are personifcations of nothingness.
Is there one such operation similar to division which would link us (the zero) to God (potentially infinite or undefined)? Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out such a thing?
Can we humans (the zero) “divide” our way to God (“infinity or undefined”)?
* We refers to the Advaita Vedantic Hindus. Jews, Moosulmans and Christians with their notion of an external benevolent God will not be able to relate to the God described in Advaita Vedanata. For us, God is the Universe and not external; God is the container as well as the content; the creator as well as the creation; the potential as well as the kinetic and so on.

God as I Know – 04 : Through the eyes of a Blind Cat

“Master, where are you?”, I mewed. But my master could not hear me. It was getting late and I was all alone. I was lost and roaming around aimlessly somewhere, but I was all alone. Once in a while, I would mew, but no one heard me. The crickets were chirping so I knew that evening had descended and that it was probably night and I was all alone. When I mewed, the crickets stopped for a while and resumed their chirping after some time. I was tired, exhausted from roaming around, trying to find my way back home, longing for the warmth and love of my Master. It had been many hours seen I had last been home. I had taken one too many wrong turns and now I had no idea where I was. The trees smelt unfamiliar, the walls felt different, the ground seemed alien – everything was unfamiliar to me.
One of the beetles said, “Kanu, accept the inevitable. Your master has forsaken you.”
“Nooooo”, I screamed. “That is not possible. My Master will never leave me.”
“Get real. You are a blind cat. Do you think your master really cares? He is after all a Man. Men are cruel – they kill each other all the time. They would not think twice between stamping me, or leaving you, a blind cat to die – just be grateful to God that he fed you all these years and gave you shelter. In this world of Men, we other creatures live a life of misery. Men are monsters”, the beetle proclaimed.
I did not believe him. My master was a good man. He was the only family I had. My mother had abandoned me at the doorstep of my Master’s house after my birth. My Master had taken me into his family. My other friends have told me that when I was a kitten, smaller than even my Master’s palm, he used to feed me milk with the help of small ink refills. My eyes have always been weak and now I am blind – but Master used to apply medicine and clean my eyes with a soft cloth. I used to poo in Master’s house, but Master never punished me.
He has fed me, nursed me when I was sick, looked after me every day of my life. When I used to stray afar and could not find my way back home, Master would always find me and carry me back home. He has protected me from the stray dogs and other humans, fed me fish and milk every day.
“No. I do not believe you. I have full faith in my Master. He will find me and take me home. He will never abandon me”, I told the Beetle firmly.
“Whatever!”, said the beetle and resumed his chirping.
I started walking towards what felt like a wall and curled myself against the wall, and began to wait. Either my master would come and find me, or Fate would take me with her. I started thinking of my life gone by. I have heard that every creature thinks of his past before death and life just flashes past in an instant before the inevitable. Would today be the last day of my life? I felt sad, but I would not mind dying. I had lead a good life in the cocoon of my Master’s love and compassion. I was sure that he had not abandoned me – I had strayed too far from my house and now Master was not able to find me. I had full faith in him. I was exhausted, hungry, thirsty but there was nothing I could do – I could not hunt for food as I was blind – the world had always been a dark place for me, but for my Master’s love which made my world bright.
An hour passed and I dozed off. I woke up again after some time. It was quite late as even the beetles had stopped. I again began to reflect on my life gone by.
I had no complaints in life. I had had food, shelter, a family and the love of my Master. As a cat and especially a blind one to boot, I could not have asked for more. It was God’s infinite grace that He gave me my Master. My only regret was that I could not tell my master, show my master for the last time, how much I loved him, how much I trusted him. I wish to God that I get born as a cat again and again and always as my Master’s pet.
I began to pray to God, “Whatever happens to me, I do not care. Let nothing ever happen to my Master. God, by your Divine power, please let my Master know how much I love him”. Time went by, and I dozed off once again, exhausted but at peace with myself and full faith in my Master.
“Kanuuuuuuuuuu ….”
“Kanuuuuuuuuuuuu …. haram jyada kothay geli ? (Kanu, where are you?)”
I woke up with a start. I heard my name.
“Meowwww”, I called, but my voice was weak from exhaustion and dry from thirst.
“Kanuuuuuuuuu …. aaaaye aaaaaye aaaye !! (Come here !!)”
It was Master’s voice! Master had found me !!!
“Meaaowwwwwww, meeeeeeeeaaowwwwwwww …”, I started calling out aloud and started moving towards the voice.
“Oi to Kanu, oi gachtaar pechoney …(there he is, behind that tree)”, a second voice came.
The next thing I knew, I was in the arms of master. In those trusted arms I found my world once again – the warmth, the love, the concern and the care enveloped me again.
They all say, trust in God. I say, Trust is God.

God as I Know – 03 : Through the eyes of an Assimilator

I am an assimilator.
From the towering Alps to the depth of the Atlantic, I have traveled through the ages and observed Nature in her various moods. I have drowned myself in the beauty of Earth, reveled in her fury, danced in her rains and snowfalls alike, basked in her sunshine and read her Writ. I am humbled before Her boundless grace, her love, her compassion, her acceptance, her tolerance and her beauty. All around me, I see her manifestations and through these I have assimilated all her innocence and her purity.
Innocence is all around – we just need to spread our arms wide and accept innocence in all its myriad aspects. From the pellucid water of the lakes, to the blue seas, white sands, dark clouds, snow-white peaks, blue skies, green valleys, fluttering butterflies and chirping insects – Nature has spread her innocence far and wide for us to absorb and inculcate.
The two small dogs, little more than puppies, play and frolic in the sand. When I pass by them, the black one, Blacky, whines in earnest and wags her tail with all her might. Jumping around in joy, she just runs around me, wanting me to play with her, wanting me to join in their fun, wishing me take notice of her activities, wanting me to love her, to pet her. The spotted one remains tentative, and rejects my offer of biscuits – she is suspicious as ever of humans. I try to convince Spotty, that I am not one of them – I maybe a human, but I am also an assimilator of innocence, but Spotty still remains tentative, she remains unsure of my motives, but Blacky is ecstatic when I offer her biscuits. I move on and they resume their fun and frolic – innocent games of run and catch, rolling in the sand and seeking love from nearby humans – some of whom show tolerance, others show fear. They mistake innocence for hostility.
Innocence is there all around us – but we have lost our faculties to perceive innocence. A child playing with his mother, a cat patiently tolerating her energetic and playful kittens, a tigress feeding her cubs, a crow sitting on a buffalo, a zebra grazing peacefully in the plains, a cow mooing in front of your house seeking water in a hot day, a young kid running and playing with a tyre and a stick on the road ignoring the cold weather, a grandfather playing with his granddaughter – I have found innocence everywhere.
The grace of Mother Nature is infinite and I owe all my faculties and observations to Her. Blessed I am by Her, to see innocence all around me and I through it I see Her all around me.
For God is Innocence.

God As I Know – 02 : Through the eyes of a Space Explorer

The Human Race.
Subject: God As I Know – Through the eyes of a Space Explorer
Nothingness. Infinity. Void.
I have been travelling through the marrow of Nothingness and on the periphery of the Infinite for ages.
How long, you ask?
Long enough, I should say. In Earthly terms, probably a lot more than thousands of days and nights. However for me, or rather for what I am now and in the places I go, time has no meaning. In the course of my sojourns, I have discovered that darkness and light are the one and same. Nothingness is what our Universe is all about. Nothingness is what all matter or non-matter is all about. I, like my space capsule or like my neighboring asteroid, am a floatsam in this great void . I jouney through Nothingness on the rims of the Infinite. The Infinite, to me is just a tightly wound unending coil in the Void and the Void is but another manifestation of the Infinite.
I am not a particularly religious man, never have been in the conventional sense of the term. Long back when I was a human, I had read the great philosophical and scientic works of the Masters in Sanskrit, German, English, Hebrew and so many other languages. (By the way, I know 24 differnt languages, although that’s neither here nor there). What used to bewilder me was the concept of zero and infinite. The human mind, encased as it is in the confines of our five senses and three dimesnions, fails to comprehend these concepts in absolute terms – our understanding is, has been and shall always be relative, except for an Einstein or a Stephen Hawking who talk of nothing less than four dimensions.
“Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahma) – the old Sanskrit texts claim. “All is One and One is All” . What were these Great Men talking about? It took me years and years in these extreme places to even begin to comprehend what they had realized sitting on Earth.
Extreme places? Yes, sir. I am an inhabitant of extreme places. These are places where you can realize the merging of space and time. These are places where the higher dimesnional entities slowly unfurl from their tightly coiled state and begin to reveal their self. I have been on the outside of the outer periphery of places where time stands still and light is sucked into the vortex of immense gravity. I have traversed the regions of extereme stellar violence, magnificient colors and brilliant lights. I have existed in the general monotone of Nothingness.
And to realize what the Great Ones were saying, I had to give up everything. Or rather my forced surrender of all human bondage made me who I am. I have nothing and I am nothing. I know of people who have no homes. I know of people who have no states. I know of people who have no country. But have you ever met someone who has no planet to even call his home? Whose only companion is the space capsule in whose interiors he exists?
If you haven’t, well, do not worry. Meet X. Meet me – well if meeting me is possible. For I do not know where I am. Again, in the context of Nothingness and Infinite, where and what and when and why are meaningless concepts.
Long long time back, I had left the planet called Earth, my home at one time but now your planet, along with my fellow astronauts and cosmonauts for the International Space Station. Disaster struck midway and I was ejected into the voids in my small space capsule. I dont know what happened to the others but I survived, if this is what you call survival. Since then this Nothingness in Infinity has been my everything. This tiny capsule is my life – I lie down almost all the time and sometimes I manage to sit, but there is hardly any space. Ironical isnt it? I literally have all the space in the Universe around me but nothing for me. “There lies the rub”. Succintly put by the Bard, I should say.
I do not eat. There is nothing to eat. I do not drink. I do not sleep. In the void I subsist on what you call Dark Matter – the primeval force – unseen, eternal and omnipresent. I subsist on the light of differnt stars when I pass by them – and believe me that is few and far between. During these times I absorb energy from them not knowing when I’ll pass a star next. Once back in the void, its all about Dark Matter again. And this is my life.
Whoever said that the Universe was all about the Infinite didnt know what he was talking about. They still dont. But I know what I am talking about. The Universes is about both the infinite and the nothingness. I have seen both the zero and the vast – to me they are the one and same and in them I have seen God and Gods myriad mathematics, grandeur and splendour.
I do not know if I will ever come back to earth. However, I do know what all the Great Men on Earth were talking about. There might not be any greatness in me but I have seen God both within and without. I experience God in every moment of my multi-dimensional existence.
For God is the Infinite Nothingness.
Austronaut X
Others in the Series “God as I Know”
Part 1 – Through the Eyes of a Desert Nomad
Part 3 – Through the Eyes of an Assimilator
Part 4 – Through the Eyes of a Blind Cat

God As I Know – 01 : Through the Eyes of A Desert Nomad

Throughout my life, I have seen Mother Earth in her most furious and destructive moods as well as in her noblest and most benevolent moods. I have seen her constancy, I have been wonder-struck by her unimaginable beauty, I have admired her divine art, and I have reveled in her cyclical anomalies.

I have walked the flat surface along with my tribe – I have trudged the sandy flats. Vast featureless landscapes as far as the eyes can see. I have climbed the rocky desert mountains – where only me, the rocks, mother Earth and the Sun talk to each other. Like an anvil the heat beats my head and pounds the rocks. Even the proud rocks are afraid to utter a single sound lest they invoke the wrath of the Mighty Sun.

Sand or rocks – there is no sound, there is no existence, there is no vegetation, and there are no clouds in the sky, only an unending pattern of sand and rocks.

For thousands of years we have maintained a balance – and faced the wrath of Nature at its extreme. We have roamed and wandered and moved from place to place and time to time. We are the Nomads who are inhabitants of the arid desert landscape of our Mother. We maintain an equilibrium with the civilized dwellers who live in other parts of the world.

Vegetation cover out here is sparse, almost non-existent. It is a wilderness beyond all wildernessess. It is bleak, desolate, sandy at some places and rocky in some. Sand, sand, sand everywhere – undulating dunes – which seem to have stood frozen through the centuries. Rocks and rocks – proud rocky hills – staring proudly at the Sun – crumbling mountains – new mountains forming everyday – that is what my world is all about.

I roam from rock to rock, sand dune to sand dune – I eat desert mice and I pray. I have no religion, no roots, no lineage – yet I pray. The sun burns my skin, the burning sand scalds my skin, the hot air burns my soul – but I go on and on and I pray. Featureless planes, similar patterns – everything seems to be the same – constant, unchanging, unyielding.

But this constancy is not real.

I know everything moves when the storms come. I have seen such desert storms – I have been in such desert storms – I have seen the vast waves of sand hundreds of feet high as they come racing towards us. I have seen the unprepared being sucked into the womb of this sand-wave monster and never being found again. I see nothing when I am in the Storm. It makes me realize how insignificant we are in the face of our Mother’s wrath.

I have seen old mountains being destroyed and new mountains being created. I have seen beautiful sand art as our Mother carves infinitely beautiful images on her sandy canvas. Creation after destruction. Once the storm is over, I feel the lull. Once the sand-mist clears and the veil lifts from my eyes, I see once again exquisite art carved out of the uncarvable. Only Nature can create something so beautiful. I have seen and been witness to the eternal cycle of destruction and creation, which very few have the good fortune to experience.

Yes I am one of the very few favored sons of Mother earth.

I have seen, touched, smelt, tasted, heard and realized Beauty everyday of my life – I realize God every moment of my life.

For God is Beauty.