List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling – A to B

In this post I will share with you a comprehensive list of tea gardens in Darjeeling starting with letter a and b.

Tea connoisseurs can refer to this post as a complete guide to all known tea estates in Darjeeling. According to government data, there are a total of 144 tea gardens in Darjeeling. All the tea gardens are leased out for a term of thirty years as per Form I, Schedule F of the WBEA Act, 1953. A tea garden range in size from anywhere around 300 acres to 1300 acres with hundreds of workers and their families residing within the garden. Thousands of people including children live in a tea garden.

Some basic statistics/ information on land of tea gardens is given below.

  • Total no of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling – 144 of which 87 are listed by Tea Board.
  • Retained Area – 141056.02 Acres
  • Area Under Tea – 74843.82 Acres
  • Area Under Housing, etc. – 12499.98 Acres
  • Unused Area – 16308.93 Acres
  • Area under Forest – 17217.27 Acres
  • Doubtful Area – 20186.02 Acres

Complete List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling A to B Letters

1. Alloobari Tea Estate

In 1856, Alubari Tea Garden, the first garden in the hills, was set up.  Captain Samler was the first tea planter who started the Alubari tea garden in 1856 under the management of Kurseong and Darjeeling Tea Company.

2. Ambiok (Hillton)

Ambiok/ Hillton is located in the Teesta Tea District.

3. Arya Tea Estate

Contact: 37, Shakespeare Sarani, 4th floor, Kolkata-700017. West Bengal,India

List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling Arya Tea EstateThe Arya Tea Estate has been in existence since 1885 and is located in the Darjeeling (East) tea district. The plantation spreads across 125 hectares and starting at an altitude of 1820 meters spreads down to 900 meters with average of 1500 meters. Producing 70 tons annually, Arya exports a  range of Black Tea and different varieties of Green Tea. It also has a range of its own jewels- Ruby (Black Tea), Emerald (Green Tea), Pearl (White Tea), Diamond (Chunky Tips) and Topaz (Oolong).Jasmine and Rose Teas.

Some of their popular products are:

  • Arya Organic Peral Tea
  • Arya Organic Ruby Tea
  • Arya Organic Topaz Tea
  • Arya Organic Emerald Tea
  • Arya Organic Diamond Tea
  • Arya Organic Clonal Leaf Tea
  • Arya Organic Green Tea

Arya Tea Estate is also known as Sidrabong. The story goes as follows:

” … a monk who was believed to possess extraordinary spiritual powers chanced upon a hill and was left speechless by its purity. He looked all around and felt a sense of elation, for what he saw was a stunning expanse of beautiful hills being nurtured and caressed by the freshness of the wind.

More importantly, it made him realize that he was about to give shape to what had for long been brewing in his mind- a unique flavor of tea that would have no parallel anywhere else in the world. The monk was already revered for his Chinese seed development skills, and here he was- at gates of Paradise, about to discover a flavor divine. He along with his fellow monks, set about with experimental plantations. They studied in great detail the nature of soil, topography and the weather pattern for years till the right conditions were identified. The hard work yielded rich results as the flavor surpassed their expectations. Hence was born an exceptional brew-inimitable and unmatched till today. The “Sidrabong” gardens were thus established by the monks in the 19th century …”.

4. Avongrove

Contact: vongrove Tea – a division of KPL International Ltd. Park Plaza, 71, Park Street South Block, 7th Floor Kolkata 700016

Avongrove is an established, high elevation tea estate in the Darjeeling district of India and is located in the Rungbong Tea district.

They are certified organic by Control Union Certifications for JAS, USDA and EU & India organic. They are also HACCP certified. In 2008, Avongrove was taken over by KPL International Ltd., an international business company marketing chemicals, paper, polymers, and allied products in India and overseas, sourced globally.

The Avongrove tea estate overlooks the Balasun River.

Some of their popular products include:

  • First Flush Leaf Tea
  • Second Flush Muscatel
  • White Tea
  • Silver Blossom
  • Fragranced Pearl Tea
  • Florette
  • Pine Scented Tea Pyramids
  • Deorali
  • Peony Rosette

5. Ambootia Tea Estate

Contact: 20 Coalberth, Hoboken Road, Kolkata 700 088, West Bengal, India

Ambootia is well known for its Darjeeling Tea. The tea garden is operating since 1850s and currently owned by Sanjay Bansal. It is located at north Kurseong area with elevation ranging from 950-1450 meters.

Some of their special features are:
– Bio-dynamic and organic farming to prevent soil erosion
– improved soil fertility which has resulted in a healthy produce.
– The use of natural fertilisers has rid the soil of chemical residues
– Renewable sources of energy such as hydro electricity reduce carbon footprints.

Ambootia has been selected as a model farm for Darjeeling Organic Tea under the United Nations FAO Project. A model estate for Organic and Bio-dynamic System of Agriculture, it is certified by several International Organic Standards. Ambootia tea is certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International for their social practices that have ensured a better quality of life at the grassroot level.

6. Badamtam Tea Estate

List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling Badamtam GoodrickeImage Courtesy:

The Badamtam Tea Estate is owned by Goodricke Group Limited. Badamtam produces excellent and delightful teas. Specially renowned, are the first flush teas, which are highly prized abroad–the Chinas being light and delicate, and the Assam hybrids brisk and bright.

Badamtam Tea Estate is located in the Lebong Valley about 17 kilometers west of the Darjeeling town [Darjeeling West Tea District]. After the end of the two estates viz., Bada Ging Tea Estate and Chhota Ging Tea Estate, starts the area of Badamtam tea estate and goes till the Majhi Tar basin in Sikkim. The estate is situated at an altitude ranging between 305 metres to 1830 metres above sea level.

One of the most scenic of all Goodricke estates, Badamtam presents a magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga. A serene and majestic, fourteen feet high bronze statue of the Buddha, sculpted by a renowned artist, sits like a guardian of peace over the vistas of tea bushes.


  • FSSC 22000 Certified
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Organic Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • UTZ Certified
  • ETP Certified

7. Barnesbeg


Barnesbeg tea garden belonging to Goodricke Group Ltd. Is situated 17Km away west of Darjeeling. The nearest Railway station is New Jalpaiguri which is 90 Km from the garden and the Airport is Bagdogra 95Km from the garden.

This picturesque garden facing the majestic peaks of Kanchenjunga. The Garden stretches from 780 feet to 3200 feet above sea level and enjoys a balmy, cool weather, with the Little Rangeet river gushing down the valley.

This garden was planted by Christine Barnes in the year between 1877. The name “Barnesbeg” was probably derived from Barnes’ bagh or garden.

A dual manufacturing process allows the garden to make both black and green teas. Barnesbeg is Certified Bio –Organic Garden w.e.f April 2010.


  • FSSC 22000 Certified
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Organic Certified
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • UTZ Certified
  • ETP Certified

8. Bannockburn

Contact: Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. 2, N. C. Dutta Sarani, Sagar Estate 5th Floor, Unit 1 Kolkata – 700 001, India

Bannockburn Tea Estate is located in the West Darjeeling Valley. It has a planted area of 143 hectares of a total of around 300 hectares of land and produces 90,000 kgs of tea. The estate employs around 500 workers and is engaged in the process of conversion to organic cultivation.

It is owned by the Chamong group. Chamong Group is the largest producer of premium organic Darjeeling tea. Chamong Organic Tea is certified free from harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Chamong tea gardens have been inspected by SGS India and have been certified with HACCP standards.

9. Balasun

Contact: “Industry House”, (15th Floor) 10, Camac Street, Kolkata-700 017.

The Balasusn Tea Garden is managed by Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd from 2005. Before the Jayshree group took over in the year 2005, it belonged to Darjeeling Consolidated Tea Company Limited, which in turn became the owner of this tea estate in the year 1963.

Balasun Tea Estate is located at about 65­70kms from Bagdogra Airport, under Kurseong Sub division of Darjeeling Hill district. The Balasun Tea estate is spread across rolling hills with moderately gentle slope and a wide open valley with Balasun river flowing at the bottom part of the garden. panoramic views. The garden altitude varies from 365 metres to 1375 metres above MSL and temperature ranges between 7 degree winter to maximum of 30 degree in summer.

The estate has Fair Trade certification from FLO-CERT, HACCP certified by TUV-NORD, UTZ certified by IMO and SAN/ Rainforest Allaince certification from IMO.


  • Tea cultivation : 181.38 Hectare
  • Gross yield : 100 Tons per year

Types of Tea

  • Conventional Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Clonal Tea
  • China wonder

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