The Line

the line

I have always been fascinated by the unparalled beauty of the first dimension.

Yes, I am talking about the line. The fact that an entity can extend in diametrically opposite directions towards infinity from a central point has been a central point of my existence.

When I was a kid, my dad would come back from office and often find me either drawing a straight line or staring very intently at a line segment I had drawn.

“Look, Daddy .. here’s a line I have drawn”. I would proudly show him a near perfect line I had drawn.

“Very good”, he would say and smiled appreciatively. I would get motivated and tried rendering still more accurate lines.

One fine day, he pointed out “What you have drawn is actually not a line, but rather a line segment”. This was a remarkable day in my life and changed my entire perception of the 1st dimension.

My fascination for this pristine geometric order kept on increasing until one day I made a remarkable discovery. If I folded the paper in a cylindrical fashion, the line segment actually became a circle! Just imagine, you change a dimension and a line becomes a circle.

I reported this weird phenomenon to Daddy. He smiled in his knowing way and said “You’ll discover many such things as you grow up – but this is one of the biggest things as yet! Good job!”

If a line could become a circle by merely adding a dimension (rolling a page into a cylinder), then anything could be possible. The human mind, bound as it is in the constraints of time and space often fails to realize the significance of many things.

This incident made me realize the limitless possibilities of the human mind.

Now there was no beginning or end – everything coalesced into one line.

There was no infinity, yet if you travel on a circle there is neither beginning nor end.

You can look towards the future or you can come back to your past.

As time went by, the larger implications became clear. Human mind is a creation of utmost refinement.

The line or circle (or call it what you may) became my motivation. I could do anything as long as I was traversing the line.

There was no past, no future, no beginning, no end – just a continuity where you travel and travel. At the end of the day, it is a matter of competing with yourself.

I am my own answer.

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

I am an independent Management Consultant. In my previous corporate career, I have worked in Banking, Private Equity and Software industry. I like doing equity research and financial analysis in my free time. I also enjoy reading and writing on history and current affairs related matters.

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