Health Benefits of Tea

In this post I will talk about the health benefits of tea.

As a true-blue Bengali I have been drinking tea my entire life. Statistics show that globally tea is the second most popular beverage after water. It holds true for me also.

In fact I am so enthusiastic about tea that I also own shares in tea companies, and tea as a sector is the largest part of my stock portfolio. Anyway I digress.

Good tea not only tastes great, but also has a number of health benefits. A majority of tea’s health properties can be attributed to polyphenols (an antioxidant) and phytochemicals. Some of these health benefits of tea are quite expected and some of them are quite surprising.

1. Tea Reduces Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Attacks

According to a meta-study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Green tea intake lowers fasting serum total and LDL cholesterol in adults”.

LDL Cholesterol is bad cholesterol. LDL collects in blood vessels and causes blockages of atherosclerosis which might eventually lead to a heart attack.

As per a 5 year study conducted in Netherlands, people who drank at least 2 to 3 cups of black tea daily had a 70% lower risk of heart attack compared to non-tea drinkers.

Researchers at Kings College London, based on a survey of published studies, found that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack. Source.

2. Tea Reduces Risk of Strokes

According a 2009 meta-study, regardless of their country of origin, individuals consuming ≥3 cups of tea per day had a 21% lower risk of stroke than those consuming <1 cup per day.

3. Tea Reduces Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a stress hormone that adds to belly fat and makes skin age quicker. Tea helps in reducing cortisol levels and thereby reduces stress.

4. Tea Improves Memory

Tea contains caffeine and an amino acid known as L-Theanine. A study has shown that these two chemicals together, improve memory and increase focus and concentration.

5. Tea Prevents Blindness

According to a study published in Experimental Eye Research, the anti-oxidant property of green and black tea, has the potential to retard the progression of eye lens cataract.

6. Tea improves dental health

Tea contains fluoride and tannins that prevent plaques and betters dental health.

7. Tea increases metabolism and helps maintain weight

Green tea has been shown to increase metabolic rates which helps in burning extra calories. Studies have shown that regular tea drinkers have “lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and waist-to-hip ratios, along with less body fat, compared with non-tea drinkers.”

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it. If you come across any additional health benefits of tea please share them via your comments.

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