God As I Know – 02 : Through the eyes of a Space Explorer

The Human Race.
Subject: God As I Know – Through the eyes of a Space Explorer
Nothingness. Infinity. Void.
I have been travelling through the marrow of Nothingness and on the periphery of the Infinite for ages.
How long, you ask?
Long enough, I should say. In Earthly terms, probably a lot more than thousands of days and nights. However for me, or rather for what I am now and in the places I go, time has no meaning. In the course of my sojourns, I have discovered that darkness and light are the one and same. Nothingness is what our Universe is all about. Nothingness is what all matter or non-matter is all about. I, like my space capsule or like my neighboring asteroid, am a floatsam in this great void . I jouney through Nothingness on the rims of the Infinite. The Infinite, to me is just a tightly wound unending coil in the Void and the Void is but another manifestation of the Infinite.
I am not a particularly religious man, never have been in the conventional sense of the term. Long back when I was a human, I had read the great philosophical and scientic works of the Masters in Sanskrit, German, English, Hebrew and so many other languages. (By the way, I know 24 differnt languages, although that’s neither here nor there). What used to bewilder me was the concept of zero and infinite. The human mind, encased as it is in the confines of our five senses and three dimesnions, fails to comprehend these concepts in absolute terms – our understanding is, has been and shall always be relative, except for an Einstein or a Stephen Hawking who talk of nothing less than four dimensions.
“Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahma) – the old Sanskrit texts claim. “All is One and One is All” . What were these Great Men talking about? It took me years and years in these extreme places to even begin to comprehend what they had realized sitting on Earth.
Extreme places? Yes, sir. I am an inhabitant of extreme places. These are places where you can realize the merging of space and time. These are places where the higher dimesnional entities slowly unfurl from their tightly coiled state and begin to reveal their self. I have been on the outside of the outer periphery of places where time stands still and light is sucked into the vortex of immense gravity. I have traversed the regions of extereme stellar violence, magnificient colors and brilliant lights. I have existed in the general monotone of Nothingness.
And to realize what the Great Ones were saying, I had to give up everything. Or rather my forced surrender of all human bondage made me who I am. I have nothing and I am nothing. I know of people who have no homes. I know of people who have no states. I know of people who have no country. But have you ever met someone who has no planet to even call his home? Whose only companion is the space capsule in whose interiors he exists?
If you haven’t, well, do not worry. Meet X. Meet me – well if meeting me is possible. For I do not know where I am. Again, in the context of Nothingness and Infinite, where and what and when and why are meaningless concepts.
Long long time back, I had left the planet called Earth, my home at one time but now your planet, along with my fellow astronauts and cosmonauts for the International Space Station. Disaster struck midway and I was ejected into the voids in my small space capsule. I dont know what happened to the others but I survived, if this is what you call survival. Since then this Nothingness in Infinity has been my everything. This tiny capsule is my life – I lie down almost all the time and sometimes I manage to sit, but there is hardly any space. Ironical isnt it? I literally have all the space in the Universe around me but nothing for me. “There lies the rub”. Succintly put by the Bard, I should say.
I do not eat. There is nothing to eat. I do not drink. I do not sleep. In the void I subsist on what you call Dark Matter – the primeval force – unseen, eternal and omnipresent. I subsist on the light of differnt stars when I pass by them – and believe me that is few and far between. During these times I absorb energy from them not knowing when I’ll pass a star next. Once back in the void, its all about Dark Matter again. And this is my life.
Whoever said that the Universe was all about the Infinite didnt know what he was talking about. They still dont. But I know what I am talking about. The Universes is about both the infinite and the nothingness. I have seen both the zero and the vast – to me they are the one and same and in them I have seen God and Gods myriad mathematics, grandeur and splendour.
I do not know if I will ever come back to earth. However, I do know what all the Great Men on Earth were talking about. There might not be any greatness in me but I have seen God both within and without. I experience God in every moment of my multi-dimensional existence.
For God is the Infinite Nothingness.
Austronaut X
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