Fathima’s Passion Rabia Sultana Book Review

Book Name: Fathima’s Passion: Desi Romance
Author: Rabia Sultana
Publisher: Panoo Publications (23 May 2017)

Fathima’s Passion Book Description

Fathima is a beautiful young newly wed woman from Hyderabad. After her marriage, she relocates to a new city down south where she has no friends and where no one speaks Urdu. She also discovers that her husband is a bully. She is scared, lonely and depressed. At this juncture, she suddenly meets the Urdu knowing handsome and muscular plumber Lingaa who earlier worked as a stuntman in Hyderabad films. Passions flare as they set eyes on each other. Things slowly spiral out of control as they sink in a whirlpool of uncontrollable desire.


Rabia Sultana is free spirited woman who passionately believes in love, peace and harmony.

Rabia grew up in Mumbai, in a family of independent strong-willed people who always encouraged her to ask questions and speak her mind. She likes to explore the world and meet new people.

A keen reader from a young age, she is also a pure romantic at heart and likes nothing better than curling up with a romance novel when free. She loves writing passionate love stories with a twist in her spare time.

Her FB page is this.


The premise of the story is very interesting and something women across South Asia encounter a lot. Impotency among men and spousal abuse.

Imran is a typical patriarchal misogynist Muslim man who drinks a lot and cannot tolerate the fact that his wife is more educated, refined and sophisticated than him. His lack of confidence leads him to beating his wife. He suffers from various urological ailments like premature ejaculation and partial impotence which leads to further depression and he spirals into a vicious circle.

This is the environment in which Fathima has to lead her daily life – in a distant place in south India where she is alone and lonely. She is the quintessential South Asian Muslim woman subaltern subject. Then she suddenly meets a male who is the exact opposite of Imran – he is good looking, virile, considerate, refined, belongs to a different culture but speaks the same language. Fathima is immediately attracted to Lingaa and repulsed by Imran.

The rest of the story is how she deals with Imran and Lingaa. The characterization is quite good and rounded, and the story is fast and peppy. The love scenes are quite dreamy and steamy.

Another aspect which Rabia brings to our notice is the class hierarcy inherent in South Asian societies. Fathima belongs to a Nawab family, Imran is a working class individual, and Lingaa is an aristocrat who effortlessly straddles both the worlds. In a way Lingaa is the melting point of the capitalism and communism. I liked this social message.

Overall, I like the book, and feel that perhaps the ending could have been elaborated upon.

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