Durga Puja in Salt Lake Kolkata List

This article gives a list of Durga Puja in Salt Lake Kolkata. Saltlake is located in east Kolkata. There are many big Durga Pujas in Salt Lake. People prefer to come to Saltlake (Bidhannagar) during Sarod Utsav (Sarodtsab) because roads are wide, there is good parking space and because of good Pandals. In the list below I will mention eighteen / 18 important Durga Puja Pandals in Saltlake Kolkata.

1. Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja
In 2016, Saltlake BJ Block Durga Puja has an African village theme. Kolkata has many Africans. They come to Kolkata as students and football players. There are many African players from Nigeria and other places who play football in Saltlake BJ Block Park. In their honor, African village theme was made. The model village shows various articles used by African village people in their daily lives. (1)

Durga Puja in Salt Lake Kolkata List - BJ Block Durotsab CommitteeSource: Yashnews

During Puja, BJ Park had a food court. Biriyani, papri chaat, phuchka, ice cream — there is a stall for all streetfood item.
2. Saltlake FD Block Sarbojanin
FD Block Durga Puja 2016 theme was gadgets and their influence on peoples lives. The committee invited Olympian gymnast Dipa Karmakar for inauguratation of the Puja and felicitation.

3. Salt Lake Labony Estate

4. Saltlake BD Block Sarbojanin Durgotsab

5. Salt lake AE Part 1 Block Committee
This years theme was Women empowerment called Amar Durga.

6. Saltlake FE Block
FE Block Durga Puja 2016 had a tribal theme, based on the Asur community of village Sakhuapani, which 500m from the Hindalco Group’s Gurdari bauxite mine in the Gumla district of Jharkhand.

7. AD Block Residents Club Durgapuja Committee, Salt Lake, Kolkata

8. AG Block Durga Puja Committee, Salt Lake, Kolkata

9. AJ Block Puja Committee, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Rajasthani crafts and heritage village Chokhi Dhani was the theme at AJ Block pandal in Salt Lake. (2)

Durga Puja in Salt Lake Kolkata List - AJ Block

Source: Newsmen

10. BA Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata
11. BB Block Resident’s Association, Salt Lake, Kolkata
12. BE (East) Puja Committee, Saltlake, Kolkata
13. BH Block Society, Salt Lake, Kolkata
14. CA Block, Saltlake, Kolkata
15. CJ Block Welfare Association, Salt Lake, Kolkata
16. DL Block Residents Association, Saltlake, Kolkata
17. HB Block Residents Association, Salt Lake, Kolkata

18. AK Block Association, Saltlake Kolkata
AK Block theme was Bangla Hasche Sristir Ullase to showcase cottage industries of the state and Bengal’s cultural heritage. They have won Biswa Bangla Puja Award 2016 for best pandal. (3)

Durga Puja in Salt Lake Kolkata List - AK BlockSource: YashNews


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