Benefits of Organic Baby Food

In this article I will talk about all the wonderful benefits of organic baby food.

We all want to give our children the best start in life. So we try to ensure that we give the best possible food. We spend a lot of time in doing research and will not hesitate to spend any amount of money for the health of our children.

Yet despite our best efforts we may not always be able to do so because even the best quality food may have some undesirable content. For example, conventional farming uses a lot of strong chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides, a significant amount of which is actually absorbed by the produce. Studies have show that many of these chemicals are harmful for our health and more so in the case of children and babies.

Before going into the details I would like to highlight that organic food in general is popular more for what it does not contain than for what it does – namely synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. And this in itself has a huge effect on your baby’s health, your health and the health of your environment. And please note that organic baby food not only refers to off the shelf food packets available in store but also to home-made baby food using organic produce.

Benefits of Organic Baby Food

  1. Animals in conventional dairy farms are treated with a lot of antibiotics and hormones. These make their way to the milk and milk products, and may have a harmful impact on a child’s health. Organic milk will not contain such harmful substances.
  2. In an earlier article, I had shown that organic milk contains significantly more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic milk. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to protect against heart disease and improve children’s brain development.
  3. Organic cheese has been shown to have 2x nutrients compared to conventional cheese. Some studies have shown that 0rganic wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions and lettuce have 30 per cent more nutrients.
  4. Conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables often have pesticide residues. While there are agencies which strictly monitor if the levels are acceptable or not, studies have shown that high level of pesticides are harmful to human beings. And a baby is more vulnerable to residue pesticides than adults because:
    – a baby eats more for its size than does an adult
    – a baby produces comparatively lower levels of the enzymes required to neutralize the effect of these pesticides
    Therefore organic baby food which is made from organic produce is a much better option.
  5. A study published in Environmental health perspectives found that children eating conventional food had a significant amount of pesticides in their system. However once they shifted to an organic diet, the pesticides in their system disappeared quickly.
  6. A study has shown that  that children born to women exposed to pesticides in agricultural fields or communities have lower IQs and other troubling health outcomes.
  7. Three independent studies tracked women exposed to higher amounts of organophosphate pesticides while pregnant and found that once those children reached elementary-school age, they had IQs averaging several points below those of their peers.
  8. According to a research by Environmental Working Group, you can reduce by 90% your pesticide exposure by shifting to organic apples, organic grapes (including juices), organic baby food, organic potatoes, organic spinach and a few other fruits and vegetables.
  9. Many parents prefer organic baby food because it is environmentally friendly. Pesticides used in conventional farming harm the environment in many ways – soil, water, air contamination and negatively impacting biodiversity.
  10. Many food scientists believe that organic baby food get more intensely regulated than non-organic food and hence is of much better quality.


Children’s bodies are delicate. They are still growing and their immune syetm is still developing. It takes time before their detoxification system becomes mature and at this time if they are exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticide residues, it may have long term impact.

Moreover children eat much more relative to an adult on a weight basis and hence anything bad in the food has a greater effect of children. Organic baby food may be more expensive than conventional baby food but it limits a baby’s exposure to chemical at an important stage of their growth.

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