Break Free

Break Free
Break Free

Break free and run.

Tear off the shackles.

These were the thoughts running through my head after I saw the Dog.

I was on my way from Karunamoyee to Technopolis.

The traffic suddenly slowed down because the 3-lane road converged to 2-lanes – the middle lane was empty.

We all looked at the middle lane, wondering why, when suddenly I saw the Cause.

It was a Dog. Running like hell. Right through the middle of the road. Without any thought, any fear, any apprehension – totally focused on a destination whatever it might have been – the dog streaked by.

The supreme indifference with which the Dog treated the nearby traffic was a visual delight.

The dog had broken free and had torn off all the shackles. It ran like a possessed being – unafraid, focussed and unwavering.

It set me thinking – I need to break free.

I need to tear off all shackles.