Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached!


You think you are awake? Think twice.

You think you are doing fine? You could do much better.

You think you have achieved all your goals? You have not even reached the shore of the ocean you want to cross.

Are you ready to arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached?

Are you really awake?

Everyone wants an easy life. I want an easy life. You want an easy life.

Perhaps you want foreign vacations every year? Or maybe, you want a promotion and an apartment in the best gated-community in the most elite locality?

We all want such things. We all want jobs, cars, large houses in posh neighborhoods; we want to eat out in the most expensive restaurant, rub shoulders with celebrities and go for long overseas vacations.

You spend your present thinking about the future and regretting the past.

In this process you feel frustrated. So do I. So do most ordinary men.

Everyone, except of course Great Men like the Buddha or Swami Vivekananda. They saw what Life really is.

Remember Rip Van Winkle? You are him. Except you have been sleeping forever.

Rip Van Winkle sleeps for 20 years and wakes up one day to discover that the world he had left behind is nothing similar to the world he is now seeing.Arise-Awake-and-Stop-Not-2

We are all like Rip Van Winkle, a permanent one. We think we are awake, but we are actually asleep.

We live like robots doing things we don’t enjoy and doing work we do not like.

For what?

To make shitloads of money? To enjoy life to the hilt?

By the time you make money, you are too old to enjoy. You cannot take your money to Heaven.

Pinching yourself will not help you awaken

Do you sometimes feel some unexplained emotion within you? Something unfulfilled? Some strange sensation as if something is gnawing inside you?

Something much deeper than money, fame and good life?

You do? We all do.

And that something is your infinite inner self.

Listen to that voice, say the Wise Men

The more you listen, the more you hear. You discover the vast unexplored world within you.

A world where anything is possible. A world of infinite possibilities. A world where there is peace and harmony.

That is what Buddha meant by looking for answers within ourselves.

True happiness does not come with money. It sounds clichéd. But it is the truth.

Nobody denies the importance of money. But we tend to forget that money is a means to something, not an end in itself.

True happiness is the goal.

Money, fame, fast cars, designer clothes and yachts will not give you true happiness.

Figuring out who you really are will give you true happiness.

That is what Swami Vivekananda says. That is what the Buddha says.

So let us take a pledge to arise awake and stop not

  • we will arise
  • we will awaken
  • we will not stop till we reach our goals

Let us try to discover who we really are.

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