Anandaloke Mangalaloke Rabindra Sangeet

Anandaloke Mangalaloke is a Bengali spiritual song, composed by Rabindranath Tagore.

  • Parjaay: Puja (476)
  • Upa-parjaay: Bibidha
  • Taal: Ektaal
  • Raag: Jhijhit-Mahisuri-Bhajan
  • Written on: 1893
  • Swarabitan: 4
  • Notation by: Kangalicharan Sen
  • Bhanga Gaan

Bengali Lyrics of Rabindrasangeet Anandaloke Mangalaloke

আনন্দলোকে মঙ্গলালোকে বিরাজ সত্যসুন্দর ॥

মহিমা তব উদ্ভাসিত মহাগগনমাঝে, বিশ্বজগত মণিভূষণ বেষ্টিত চরণে ॥

গ্রহতারক চন্দ্রতপন ব্যাকুল দ্রুত বেগে করিছে পান, করিছে স্নান, অক্ষয় কিরণে ॥

ধরণী’পরে ঝরে নির্ঝর, মোহন মধু শোভা ফুলপল্লব-গীতবন্ধ-সুন্দর-বরনে ॥

বহে জীবন রজনীদিন চিরনূতনধারা, করুণা তব অবিশ্রাম জনমে মরণে ॥

স্নেহ প্রেম দয়া ভক্তি কোমল করে প্রাণ, কত সান্ত্বন করো বর্ষণ সন্তাপহরণে ॥

জগতে তব কী মহোৎসব, বন্দন করে বিশ্ব শ্রীসম্পদ ভূমাস্পদ নির্ভয়শরণে ॥

English Translation of Rabindra Sangeet Anandaloke Mangalaloke

In the abode of joy and benevolence lies the beautiful truth Your glory shines across the vast sky The universe ornaments your feet. Stars and planets, moon and the sun rush out ecstatically To drink at, to wash under the pouring grace, infinitely Unleashing founts upon the earth. The enchanting beauty all around Receiving you with songs offering leafy, floral greetings – aromatic. Life flows night and day, in ever-new streams Bestowed by your tireless blessings in life, in death. Hearts soften by affection, love, mercy and devotion Wiping away the heat of distress, showering sympathy In a grand festivity the world greets Thee In prosperity, deep adoration and in complete submission.

Another English translation

You are honourably present with the halo at the blissful world. Your majestic appearance gorgeously fills the sky, The mortal world coiled around your adorned feet. The Sun, Moon, the planets, stars anxiously drink and bathe In your everlasting beam, with incredible speed. Springs dance down the earth, what a beauty Flowers, leaves, melodious sound add to colours. Ever new stream of life continues to flow day and night, Your kindness is reflected in life and death without rest. Love-affection, kindness, respect softens the heart, Your raining consolation cools down. What a grand celebration all around, revere the whole world In the carefree, omnipresent shelter, where the beauty is wealth.


Listen to Anandaloke Mangalaloke (Rabindra Sangeet) – Monomoy Bhattacharya

Song : Anandaloke Mangalaloke Artist : Monomoy Bhattacharya Album : ANANDALOKE

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This aired on Pratidiner Rabindranath CTVN AKD PLUS DEC 16, 2015

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A Song From unreleased film “ANUBHAB”, directed by Shekhar Das. Performed by Riddhi Bandyopadhyay and others.

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Song: Anondo Loke Original Song by Rabindronath Tagor
Vocal: Ariba Lead Guitar: Arafat Kirty Bass Guitar: Fazle Rafi Drums: Niaz Kamran Abir Keyboard: Arafat Mohsin Mix & Master by: Arafat Kirty

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This is an experimental work on Tagore songs in sync with Rig Vedic Slokas

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Rabindranath Tagore visited Bangalore in 1919 and got inspired by the anthem of Mysore – “Kayo Sri Gowri”. This song derived from a Bhajan (Kaayo Srigouri ektaal) from Mysore, was composed for the Maaghotsava celebration of 1893 (1299B).

Rabindranath’s niece, Sarala Devi was one of his close followers. Presenting quite a few of his songs in public for the first time, harmonizing his songs, preparing notations goes to her credit. She used to collect local musical tunes whenever and wherever she had gone and Rabindranath used to compose new songs applying those tunes. In her book Jiboner Jharapaata she writes –

… I had come up with a unique bouquet of music when I had been to Mysore. There seemed no respite till I could unload my basket under Rabi-mama’s feet. He would gleefully pick up one at a time and own them with his own set of lyrics.

Mysore Anthem is based on Raga Dheerashankarābharanam in Carnatic music. It is known as Bilawal in the Hindustani music. The Western equivalent is the C major scale, Ionian mode. The national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is also based on the same Raga and the same scale, perhaps a sign of its influence.

Kayo Sri Gowri, Karuna lahari, Thoya Jakshi, Shankareeshwari 1. Vaimanika Bhamarchitha Komalakara Padhe Shreemanvitha Bhoomaspade Kamitha Phaladhe 2. Shumbadima Dhambhonidhi kumbaja nibha devi Jambhahitha Sambhavithe Shambhavi shubhavee 3. Sri jaya jamundike Sri Jayachamendra Namankitha Bhomeendra Lalamana Mudade

You can listen to the original court song, Kayo Sri Gowri here

Featured Image: YouTube

Information courtesy – Mr. Akshay Chavan

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