21 Marvelous Benefits of Organic Produce

In this article I will talk about 21 marvelous benefits of organic produce.

While organic industry is  big thing in the Western world and urban India today, you will be surprised to know that India has been doing organic farming since 7000 BCE! Which means since the beginning of agriculture 9000 years ago in Indian sub-continent we have been doing organic farming continuously.Ironically to embrace modernity after independence in 1947 we gave up organic and moved to Western-style mechanized farming. Once again people are now realizing that  we were always right, as usual, and that the West was wrong, as usual.

Anyway I digress.

Briefly, organic produce is that produce by organic farming which ensures that it

  • is grown in safe soil
  • has no weird genetic or such modifications,
  • is not grown through mechanized farming using artificial chemicals

To know more about organic farming read organic farming principles and practices.

Benefits of Organic Produce

  1. Organic food is most advantageous for babies, as it reduces the carcinogens in the baby’s blood to 1/6th that of normal food. (7)
  2. Organic food leads to higher intake of nutritionally desirable anti-oxidants. (1)
  3. Pesticides even in low doses can increase the risk of cancer. Organic produce has no artificial pesticides, and hence is good for health.
  4. Non-organic produce may contain chemicals like organophosphorus which are harmful for humans, which organic food do not have.
  5. Herbicides and pesticides have been linked to diseases like immune disorders and infertility. Organic produce is free of both herbicides and pesticides and hence is automatically beneficial. (6)
  6. Studies have shown that organic produce can promote better sleeping habits. (7)
  7. Organic produce tastes better than non-organic because it s produced and sold locally and not stored in cold storage and transported over long distances. (2)
  8. As organic farming does not use strong chemicals, there is minimal impact to soil health. In fact studies have show that mechanized farming often leads to deterioration in soil quality and in worst cases can cause desertification.
  9. Organic farming does not damage water sources as no artificial chemicals are used.
  10. Since heavy machinery is not used, organic farming does not cause any air pollution.
  11. Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Hence organic milk is better than non-organic milks.
  12. Organic milk has been shown to have 50% more nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids than normal milk.(4)
  13. Organic tomatoes have upto 50% higher concentrations of vitamin C and over twice the quantity of phenolic compounds as compared to normal tomatoes. Plant phenols They help the body fight oxidative stress – a form of chemical damage linked to chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and dementia. (8)
  14. Organic produce is rich in anti-oxidants which help in fighting against cancer. (3)
  15. Organic food is GMO free and hence contains no unnatural or artificial genetic modifications. (5)
  16. Since organic produce is sourced locally, the money stays within the community.
  17. In organic farming the producer can reach his local market directly without any middle-men or elaborate network. Hence the organic farmer stands to gain monetarily.
  18. There is practically no long-distance transportation of organic produce, hence there is also no carbon emission.
  19. Organic farming ensures that plants stay healthy and natural, and this ensures protection of environment.
  20. Holistic benefits of organic produce consumption include improved overall health of families and communities.
  21. Better overall health because of use of organic produce, ensures lower medical costs and higher prosperity.


As is obvious there are numerous benefits of organic produce of which I have listed only a few. Common sense dictates that natural should be better. That’s what we Indians had been doing since ancient times and managing fine, till suddenly against reason it became fashionable to move towards artificial. After 60 years of mechanized farming and famines and devastation and drought, the world is realizing the old adage “Old is Gold”.

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