You are Infinite

You are Infinite they say

You are Infinite, our Great Rishis have said. But what do they mean?

Men are mortal, they are finite in size and a resident of a finite earth which is bound by finite laws of Physics. Yet our Ancient Seers insist, You are That (Infinite) [tat tvam asi]. Something else must be going on.

Its been more than 6 months now that I have quit corporate life and started my own venture. Nothing fancy or splashy – just a simple Management Consulting practice. I have earlier talked about why I quit corporate life and what all I learnt. And this entire journey has been one of self-discovery.

We all want Freedom

I was always a spiritual sort of chap, but unfocused, confused and aimless. Materially I was quite prosperous with a good enviable job and all, but spiritually I felt something was missing. I was feeling incomplete. And then suddenly I had an intensely private spiritual transformation, and things just sort of clicked into their place. The Upanishads suddenly started making sense, and I realized all at once what the Ancient Greats were trying to say.

But I have to admit – it didn’t happen just like that. I had been doing some intense meditation practices prior to thatΒ  for some time and in some of those sessions I would suddenly go to higher states where there was no “body-experience” and then all of sudden I would come crashing down. But still that calmness remained. And perhaps all this ground work helped crystallize my thoughts.

I want to be Free. Freedom was what I craved and freedom is what our Ancient texts talk about. This was not about going to a jungle or mountain top and becoming a sanyasi or sadhu. This was the freedom to be your own Master, to lead your life on your own terms.

Many people quit their jobs after feeling dissatisfied with their work-life scenario. But the problem is that, intellectual and mental preparation alone is not enough – one must be spiritually prepared as well, to face the inevitable post-job issues, the frustrations, the ups and downs and so on. And this is where a spiritual grounding is essential.

Once you realize that the potential of the Infinite is within you, no adverse outcome will faze you. Once you realize that you only have a right to action and not its outcome, you will remain calm in the fiercest of internal battles. All of us are Infinite. You are Infinite, so am I. The problem is that we have forgotten our Infinite Self.

And that is what we must discover within us to become Free.

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  1. We could have an interesting discussion here, long back I had read a book named celestial prophecy and it said there is nothing like coincidence and I have come to believe that and thus I see this post πŸ™‚ Now coming to the topic of freedom, I am reading autobiography of a yogi and before reading the book I had a desire of freedom and it was aimless but this book guided me how to attain that, its a good path πŸ™‚

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