Why You Should Walk

I am a big fan of walking and in this post I’ll give you many reasons on why you should walk.

Walking is perhaps the easiest fitness technique that Nature has naturally equipped us with. Walking does not require any special athletic talent or fancy equipment’s.

Walking is especially important for people like us who work in human capital intensive jobs like software or banking, where we spend a major part of our day sitting and essentially leading a sedentary life.

My relationship with walking has been kind of on and off. I realized long time back that I am not a gym guy. Staring at a mirror while pumping my biceps was not my scene. Freehand exercises and cardio were better options, but I could never get myself to continue it for longer periods.

So I stuck to the best thing I knew. Walking.

Aย year and a half back I came across an app called endomondo, which has really helped me to stay focused on my walking schedule. See my performance report for last 3 days. I have been clocking around 2kms per day on an average.

Why you should walk Endomondo workout

In the paragraphs below, I’ll talk about some of the main reasons why you should walk.

#1 Why you should walk – Health Benefits

Walking has a lot of very well documented health benefits. Evolution has over the ages designed our bodies in such a way that the human legs are optimized for walking andย not for sitting for long stretches of time.

  • Walking helps in managing weight.
  • Walking is good for blood sugar.
  • You should walk to reduce chronic back pain.
  • Walking is good for heart. It positively impacts blood pressure and general all round fitness.
  • You should walk regularly if you want to keep bone related diseases like osteoporosis at bay. Source.
  • You should walk more if you want to live longer.

#2 Why you should walk – Mental Benefits

  • Walking is good for the brain as it reduces mental fatigue.
  • Walking helps to improve memory.
  • Walking helps in increasing creativity.
  • Walking helps to uplift your mood and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Walking may even help in treating depression.

#3 Why you should walk – Social Benefits

  • If you feel fitter and healthier, your confidence level increases.
  • Walking in a group can help one socialize and stay focused and motivated. This impacts all aspects of your life.
  • Walking will help to know your neighbors and your neighborhood in general.
  • Walking will allow you to meet new people.
  • You should definitely walk if you like to explore new places.

#4 Why you should walk – Environmental Benefits

  • Unlike in a gym, you don’t need to burn petrol to drive to the gym or electricity to operate gym equipment’s.
  • When you walk, you don’t drive or use a gas-guzzling vehicle. You are automatically saving the environment.

#5 Why you should walk – Financial Benefits

  • Walking is free.
  • Your medical bills come down because of reduced health risks.
  • You feel happier, relaxed and become more creative, which helps you become more productive and earn more money.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it. If you can think of any additional benefits of walking please share them via your comments.

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12 Replies to “Why You Should Walk”

  1. So very true. The health, mental and environmental benefits of walking are irreplaceable…well I am still leaving out the other two. I heard of endomondo a few years back when one of my friends started using it.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Morning and evening both have their own charms. When in Hyderabad I prefer mornings because life starts after 9. When in Kolkata I prefer the evening walk in the park. ๐Ÿ™‚

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