On Page SEO Optimization Techniques

In this article I will talk about some important on page seo optimization techniques that will help boost your page viewership and readership.

You may refer to this post on onpage seo factors where I have highlighted the importance of keyword and its proper usage in post title, permalink, and at the beginning of content.

To know more about SEO in general read this by beginner’s guide by Moz and this SEO starter guide from Google.

Below I discuss five important on page seo optimization techniques.

1. Keyword Density

Reinforcing something through repetition is something we all learn during our school days.

Same is also the case with web pages.

The user must be reminded time and again about what an article is all about.  This helps on page seo optimization in multiple ways.

  • As a content creator, it helps to keep you disciplined and prevents you from straying too far from the topic.
  • As a reader, it helps me stay focused on the topic or keyword.
  • It helps search engines like Google or Bing understand what your post is all about and present the same to users who are searching for relevant content.

Keyword density is the ratio of the number of occurrences of the keywords to total number of words in your post.

A keyword density of around 2% is considered good. Anything more looks spammy.

Something like “I am tlaking about Keyword, because Keyword is important and Keyword is significant blah blah” is definitely spammy and will be penalized by Google.

2. Meta Description

Meta description is the short description which is displayed below a website in the a search page. It will quickly tell the reader what your page is all about.

Try to make it as helpful as possible so that the readers’ are left in no doubt as to what you intend to talk about.

on page seo optimization meta description

For example, in the above screenshot of a search result of my post LIC e Term Plan Review, we can see an example of a meta description in action.

Therefore you must create a Meta Description tag which is a summary for your web page. It should be around 150 words for best results and should contain your keyword.

For example, my meta description for this page as below.

In this article I talk about 5 important on page seo optimization techniques that will help boost your page viewership and readership.

3. Use Images and proper Alt Tags

Images are a very powerful tool to convey a wealth of information. And people search images a lot.

Proper use of Alt Tags and image name is a good On Page SEO Optimization techniques.

For example, in my article on Rupee Cost Averaging in my finance website Mkerj:

  • Keyword is Rupee Cost Averaging.
  • Image name is also Rupee Cost Averaging.
  • Image Alt Tag is also Rupee Cost Averaging.

An image name like DSC_33 and no Alt description is pretty useless to your readers.

And if your readers don’t find it helpful neither will Yahoo or Yandex.

4. Bold and Underline Keywords wherever appropriate

This helps remind your user what the post is all about and prevents him from getting distracted.

Bolding and underlining also tells the Search Engine what your content is all about.

But don’t over do it.

You page should not look clumsy and awkward with too many bold keywords and underlined texts. If users leave, so will Google and Bing and Yahoo.

5. Use the keyword in the last paragraph

Using the keyword in the last paragraph is a good On Page SEO Optimization technique.

If the reader has reached so far, it means he has found your article engaging. So now it is time for you to conclude your article using your keyword, and to ask for user feedback and comments.

That’s it then. Hope you find these 5 techniques useful.

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