Improve Alexa Ranking – 5 Ways

Alexa Ranking is an important metric of your sites popularity and in this article I will talk about 5 ways to improve Alexa Ranking.

Till 2 months back I had no idea what Alexa ranking was. I had heard of it but never paid any attention to it.

Then I realized the importance of Alexa Ranking when I started applying for financial writing freelancing jobs. The ranking of my personal finance website mkerj was dismal. Since I use that website as my writing portfolio, it had a bad impact on my writing career.

Then I did a lot of research on Alex Ranking and started applying those techniques to this website hoorayforlife.

I experimented with a lot of techniques. In this post I will discuss the top 5 ways to improve Alexa Ranking which have worked for me.

1. Alexa Toolbar

Alexa gets its traffic data from Alexa toolbar. Your blog might be the most popular one around, but unless Alex knows about it, there is no point. And the only way Alexa can know about it is through the toolbar.

As long as people access your blog through the Toolbar you be able to improve Alexa ranking significantly.

2. Great Content

Great content drives great traffic. Great traffic will help improve Alexa ranking.

In my case, I try to write great content to the best of my abilities. I scan the internet for the most interesting ideas. I read a lot of books and journals to generate ideas. Some ideas work, while some flop miserably. That’s life.

3. Inbound Links

Inbound links helps search engines identify your niche. They are also an indication of the popularity and credibility of your site. More traffic will come to your site and this helps to improve Alexa ranking.

4. Internal Links

Internal Links between pages of your blog will help users navigate to relevant pages and drive more traffic. It will create more engagement and definitely assist you to improve Alexa Ranking.

5. On-site page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important strategy that helps to improve your page accessibility and user experience. There are tons of materials on SEO on the net. Good on-site page SEO helps to drive organic search and promotes good traffic. This will help improve Alexa ranking for your website.

How these have helped me to Improve Alexa Ranking

On 15-Jul-2015,  my Alexa Ranking was 2,909,168. Using the above 5 techniques I was able to improve Alexa Ranking of my blog to 997,365 as of 31-Jul-2015.

This translates to a 66% improvement in my Alexa ranking in 15 days.

Resources on how to improve Alexa Ranking

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    1. Thank you for the appreciation! My intention was to experimentally verify the numerous rank improvement tips on the net, to check which ones actually worked and to what extent. And these 5 seem to have been the most beneficial. So thought about sharing it 🙂

  1. one of the powerful tool which gives the best results about our website or blog performance. i regularly check my website performance in alexa and added the extension to my chrome browser. for my knowledge the first thing is powerful content with regular update and good high page rank backlinks both are very important which improves the reputation of our blog thanks for sharing a good post mate!

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