Step out of your comfort zone

The Comfort Zone

In a regular job, as the monthly paychecks keep on coming in with relentless regularity, we enter what is known as the “comfort zone” – a state of monotonous mediocrity, mundane mind-numbingness, and mental melt-down.

Comfort Zone not only conceals our true potential, but also of makes us lazy and less than human.

In fact, the lust for money makes people destroy their relationships, destroy each other, destroy societies and destroy Mother Nature.

What comfort zone does to us

Comfort Zone Web of Maya

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In Indian tradition, this notion of comfort zone is known as Maya – a web of apparent pleasantry and evils, which makes us forget our true unlimited potential and compels us to run after the insignificant and meaningful pursuits.

But don’t we all work for money?

Not really, I would say. Saying that we work for money is wrong at so many levels.

  • Money is and always has been a means towards an end, not an end in itself. We work for an end whatever that may be, and money is just the medium.
  • A capitalist makes money work for her – she doesn’t work for money.
  • We work for wealth, not money. Wealth manifests itself in different forms – physical wealth (health and prosperity), mental wealth (knowledge) and spiritual wealth (freedom including physical, spiritual and financial freedom).

Step out of your comfort zone

As we board the money train, and chug our way to the banality of daily job/ house/ car/ foreign vacations/ family commitments, we slowly distance ourselves from our True Self and its infinite potential.

Comfort Zone Train

Having said that, it is never too late to take a break, look inwards and reacquaint ourselves without true Nature and its immense potential. The freedom of choice always lies within us.

We can choose who we want to be.

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6 Replies to “Step out of your comfort zone”

  1. Very nicely explained!
    I have also tried to explain the similar thing with another example, please read ““, I am sure you will like it.

  2. I like your point that Wealth manifests itself in different forms – physical, mental and spiritual. If what you do gives you all the 3, you are truly an enriched person, However, stepping out of the comfort zone takes a lot of courage, faith and will.

    1. Very rightly said and thank you for your insightful comment.

      “Stepping out of the comfort zone takes a lot of courage, faith and will.” That’s why we should move out little by little.

      The folks who managed to break away 100% went on to became Buddha, Shanakarcharya, Ramakrishna and Vivekanadaa.

      It would serve us well if we can become even 1% of these gigantic souls.

    1. Very true. Stepping out of our zone is indeed the most difficult thing to do. Thank you for your appreciation!

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