Cakes Cookies Muffins Recipes

In this post I will talk about some of the best cakes cookies muffins recipes that I have come across in recent times.

Generally when I get a cookie / cake urge, my wife and I head to a great joint called Ofen in Road No 10 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. I particularly love their blueberry cheese cake.

When we are in Saltlake, Kolkata, obviously no one can beat Kookie Jar at City Centre or Cakes near Digantika.

Long back when I was in Zurich, cookies, muffins, pastries, strudels formed a daily part of my day. I am no longer in Zurich and I am no longer young. Sigh!

Anyway, after joining Indibloggger and Kolkatablogger, I have come across quite a few delightful cakes cookies muffins recipes. I may not eat them, but I can certainly appreciate them from afar.

In this post, I will share some of these delightful cakes cookies and muffins recipes with you.

Cakes Cookies Muffins recipes # 1

Almond Cookies with Coconut and Chocolate Chips

Almond cookies are one of my all time favorites. When I was younger I used to literally devour them. I appreciated the flavor and the melting taste more than the presentation. Now with age, I have a greater appreciation for the aesthetics also, and have also had to cut down on the intake because of expanding middle line. I digress.

I came across Hema’s blog “Mixed Bag” a few weeks back and since then I have been following it regularly. You will find some delicious recipes and quirky food travels (The world’s smelliest festival), apart from other musings.

Cakes Cookies Muffins Recipes Almond Cookies with Coconut and Chocolate Chips

In one of her recent posts she has blogged about Almond Cookies with Coconut and Chocolate Chips. The cookies look ridiculously delicious. And that almond combo is simply too much.

Go ahead and read more here.

Cakes Cookies Muffins recipes # 2

Plum & Cardamom Streusel Muffins

Can anything beat a really good muffin? Yes, probably a better muffin.

Feeling hungry-ish at 11 am? A muffin might help. Glucose-starved after a 30 minutes brisk walk?  Why don’t you try plum & Cardamom Streusel Muffins?

This is courtesy Tasha’s Artisan Foods. Read more about Natasha here.

Cakes Cookies Muffins Recipes Plum & Cardamom Streusel Muffins

The muffins look awesomely yummy and I am sure they are. The presentation is superbly colorful. And they are healthy, made out of whole grain flours.

The recipe and the steps are detailed and thorough. Read more here.

Cakes Cookies Muffins recipes # 3

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

This recipe is courtesy Chandrima. You can know more about her here

In her own words, “flavor of Coffee+Chocolate, who doesn’t love it!” I full agree and second, third and fourth that.

Cakes Cookies Muffins Recipes Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

The cake looks absolutely gorgeous and I am sure it tastes awesome too. The snaps are superb.

The author has given a detailed recipe and step by step guide to make this eggless cake recipe.

Read on here.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me, Subhodeep! Really nice of you. I really like the other two recipes too 🙂 I’ll be trying the coffee cake recipe soon!

  2. This is a nice compilation of recipes from fellow bloggers…. 🙂 Thanks for introducing them and their recipes… 🙂

    1. Thanks for the appreciation! As they say, good food deserves to see the plate. Or maybe I just made up the quote. 🙂

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