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What are Sprouts?

Sprouts are tiny nutritious very young plants mid-way between seeds and full plants. They look like little threads with peas on the top.


How are they formed?

Seeds when exposed to water and proper temperature, germinate into young plants. Sprouting is the process whereby seeds are germinated and eaten either raw or cooked. Sprouts are in fact known as super-food.

Types of Sprouts

Three main classes of sprouts are – grain, beans or leafy sprouts. Some common types of sprouts are bengal gram sprouts, green gram sprouts, beans sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, sinflower sprouts, radish sprouts, lentil sprouts, chickpea sprouts, pumpkin sprouts and wheat sprouts.


Eating sprouts promote good health. Sprouts contains beneficial enzymes and anti-oxidants that can
a. help our body in digestion
b. in fighting infections
c. protects against cancer
d. boosts oxygen in the body and detoxes the body

Because of the high fibre content, sprouts can also assist in wieght-loss.


In some cases, they can trigger food poisoning with diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.


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