Seven Ways to Accomplish A Lot of Work

Seven Ways to Accomplish a Lot of Work

Ram and Shayam are two friends.

At the beginning of the day, both Ram and Shyam have 8 activites on their todo list for the day.

Yet at the end of the day, Ram has no items on his todo list while Shyam still has 4 items pending.

Next day Ram has another 8 fresh items. However, Shyam now has 12 items, 8 fresh ones and 4 from yesterday. Again Ram completes all his tasks but Shyam is not able to do the same.

This goes on day after day. Shyam’s workload keeps on increasing. As Shyam gets boggled with so much work, he asks Ram was his secret recipe for completing all his tasks.

Incidentally this is something many of us face regularly – some of our friends or colleagues seem to get a lot of work done, whereas we always seem to lag behind despite our best efforts.

Ram then tells Shyam the following 7 steps to work a lot:

  1. Plan out your day first thing in the morning. List all the activities that need to be done. Write it down and keep the list in front of you. Many people do not do this very crucial step.
  2. As and when you prepare the list, rank the items in terms of estimated effort and also by degree of unpleasantness. This will give you an idea whether you will at all be able to complete all the tasks in a day or not and which tasks to do first.
  3. First start with the easiest one, close it. Congratulate yourself on your win.
  4. Now take the most unplesant task and start working on it. The success of the first task will keep you motivated for some time and allow you to tackle difficualt unpleasant tasks.
  5. Again do an easy task followed by an unpleasant one. The alternating between easy and unpleasnt one allows to to be efficient as well as to be motivated throughout.
  6. As and when you complete a task, strike out the entry in the list or put a tick mark against it. The satisfaction of completing a task, releases chemicals in our brains which make us more motivated.
  7. After every couple of hours, take a break. Drink some water and tea or coffee. Take a brisk walk. Refresh your batteries, come back and get back to work.
Shyam now understands how Ram delivers such high perfromance. He promises to improve the way he works so that he can become a smart worker and accomplish a lot of work.

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