Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate

It was a depressing rainy day.

We were having a Mangement Trainig session in our office. The same bored instructor, the same bored set of managers and the same boring agenda “Change Managment” or “Streamling and Standradization” or something. People were yawning themselves to glory and I even thought I heard someone snore.

Suddenly to our relief, the trainer announced that we would be taking a short break. Our relief was short lived however – a Senior Vice President had flown in from Australia and wanted to talk to us. Shit.

The gentleman came and introduced himself. He said that he wanted us to play a game – not the typical corporate team-building games but something different. Yeah. Yeah. We know.

We were divided into 5 teams of 4 people each. Witnin each team each of us were asked to pick up one brand and narrate his experiences and to jot it down.

After the session was over, he asked “How were the discussions? Why don’t you tell us what brand you chose and what were you and your teams thoughts”. Some people chose a Airtel pre-paid connection, some chose Nestle Maggi, some chose Bank of India savings account and so on.

It went on for some time, person after another, until he asked us “Do you notice a pattern here?”

A pattern was beginning to emerge. Majority of us had engaged in bashing our chose brands. Less than 10% of people had actually anything positive to say about the brands. Other complained about poor conectivity, bad call centre executives, bad branch staffs and so on.

“But I am sure there are many good points. Right?”

There were indeed many good points. But one or two bad experiences had made us forget the thousand good moments. Plus a negative media (news, tv) makes us negative and keeps us depressed all the time. We have been conditioned to complain, and whine and crib. When we don’t have anything, we whine for somwthing. Wehn we get something, we cry for more. When we get more, we want more. Our complaints never end.

“So next time, before saying something bad about anything, give some thought to the good also. Let the good influence the bad and not the other way round. Do you all agree?”


“So from now on try to promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.


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