Duty of a Corporate Worker

Duty of a Corporate Worker

Do your duty.

From our childhood, this phrase has been drilled into our mind. Our holy books talk about it all the time listing out what we should do and what we should not do. We must do our duty without
asking any questions. We must not think about results. But all this talk
leads to confusion.

As a child our duty is to respect and listen to our parents. As a student, our duty is to learn. As sons and daughters, our duty is to look after our parents. The duty of the husband, is to care for his wife, and vice versa. The duty of the parents is to protect and provide for their children. The duty of a citizen is to look after the needs of his neighborhood, town, city and county.

There is no confusion as to the duties of a dcotor or a soldier – a doctor has to protect and save lives, wheras a soldier has to protect his country.

Many of us who work in corporate sector (Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing) are confused. What is our duty?

Is it to do what our boss wants us to do? Should we unquestiongly do whatever Managers want, just because we are paid our salaries? Should we do something illegal if our depratment head asks us to do the same?

And this happens, because the duties of a corporate worker is not defined clearly.

Our duty is towards the Company and company only. 

Corporate Workers Duty is to his company
Remember, that your boss and his boss, they are all employees like you and no different from you. They get paid salaries like you (but higher obviously) and they are answerable to their bosses in the same way.

So you will not – you should NOT listen and do what your bosses ask unquestiongly. You should think, use your judgement and should only do that which benefits the company – if you think what your boss or his boss is doing is harmful for the company, openly convey the message, whatever be the consequences.

However, if you trust and believe your boss to be a company well-wisher, do what he says. You should not do anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical, and reject such things out-right.

By being a sheep and accepting whatever the management says without questioning, you are not doing anyone a favor and more importantly you are not doing your duty as a corporate worker. This will lead to frustration, tension, unhappiness, and start impacting your family and personal life.

Once you realize that you are a Lion and not a Sheep, you will do your duty properly and shall automatically be on the way to peace and happiness.


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