The Way to Happiness – Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is easier said than done. Many people join gyms as part of their new year resolutions, but then quit after a month or so. So a different solution is required.
We should not forget that we humans are ultimately animals, social or not is not relevant. Animals need to stay fit to survive and thrive – it is coded in our genes “Survival of the fittest”.
For Indians, the best options to stay physically fit are:
a. brisk walking
b. Yoga
I am a big fan of walking. Because it is convenient, pollution-less, healthy and free. At least 20-30 minutes of walking is required to stay fit. But the walk must be brisk and sweat-inducing, else there would be limited benefits.
– It is better to walk if the distance involved is less than 1 km
– It is useful to take the stairs whenever possible, instead of taking the elevator
Yoga literally means the union of One’s Self with the Universe. Physical exercises (asanas) are a small part of it. Some asanas are very easy and have a lot of benefits and also help to calm and relax the mind. I have been doing padmasana (for my spine), vrikshasana (improves balance) and vajrasana (for digestion, what else).
Unless one is physically fit, one cannot be mentally fit. No physical wellness, no mental wellness. No mental wellness, no happiness.

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