Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is very important for one’s well-being. Mind is like the body in many ways – the difference being that body is physical and visible, whereas mind is neither physical nor visible. Like our body, the mind needs food, exercise and entertainment.
Food: Food for mind is learning – either through books, or live experiences or watching TV or surfing the net. Man is nothing but the sum total of all his experiences.*
Exercise: Exercise of mind involves concentration (thinking productively whether at work or during studies) and meditation (focusing the mind). We cannot live without thinking for even a second and most of our thoughts are unproductive, negative or useless. We must become positive – as good thoughts lead to good health. 
I have experienced it personally. I stopped watching news on TV – they always carry negative and depressing news – and make people down and feel frustrated. Instead I started watching National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Not only did I reduce the negative energy, I in fact started developing positive energy – a double bonus.
Entertainment: Entertainment of mind involves relaxing the mind by watching a good movie or reading a novel or going on a day trip to a park or being on vacation.
Only when there is a balance of all 3 – food, exercise and entertainment of mind, can one be truly happy.
* Swami Vivekananda

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