Eat Expensive Food and Save Money

Yes you read it right. 

You can actually reduce your food bill by eating expensive and better quality food. 

As a Financial Analyst, I am always on the lookout for new avenues of making as well as saving more money, and to that end I read a lot of stuff.

The inspiration for this lifehack came from one such reading – in an article I read in Prof Pattu’s fine blog on personal finance freefincal.

In that article, he talked about how switching from normal cooking oil to olive oil helped him save more. Doesn’t sound right now, does it? If you think carefully, it does.
Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil is typically 7x more expensive than normal cooking oil be it refined palm oil or rice bran oil. The very fact that it is so expensive makes the women of the house (who typically manage household finances and operations) to ensure optimum usage.


a. use of oil in food comes down drastically by 50% or more (direct benefit)
b. less oil means less bad cholesterol and much better lifestyle and lower future medical costs (long term benefit)
c. higher productivity on account of better health, and scope for earning more money because of better health and wellness (indirect bonus)
Other options are:

a. Buy a Sprout Mixed Gram packet (200g will costs around Rs 25) instead of Potato Chips (Rs 10)

b. Drink coconut water instead of Pepsi or Coke to beat the heat

c. Use organic pulses instead of regular pulses

d. Use Tea Bags instead of regular tea. Two years back I shifted to Golden Tips tea bags – their Breakfast Tea taste is wonderful, and with tea bags I can control the number of cups of tea I have in a day.
In all these cases, the healthier alternative might look expensive in the short term, but long term benefits in terms of overall wellness is immense.

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