God as I Know – 04 : Through the eyes of a Blind Cat

“Master, where are you?”, I mewed. But my master could not hear me. It was getting late and I was all alone. I was lost and roaming around aimlessly somewhere, but I was all alone. Once in a while, I would mew, but no one heard me. The crickets were chirping so I knew that evening had descended and that it was probably night and I was all alone. When I mewed, the crickets stopped for a while and resumed their chirping after some time. I was tired, exhausted from roaming around, trying to find my way back home, longing for the warmth and love of my Master. It had been many hours seen I had last been home. I had taken one too many wrong turns and now I had no idea where I was. The trees smelt unfamiliar, the walls felt different, the ground seemed alien – everything was unfamiliar to me.
One of the beetles said, “Kanu, accept the inevitable. Your master has forsaken you.”
“Nooooo”, I screamed. “That is not possible. My Master will never leave me.”
“Get real. You are a blind cat. Do you think your master really cares? He is after all a Man. Men are cruel – they kill each other all the time. They would not think twice between stamping me, or leaving you, a blind cat to die – just be grateful to God that he fed you all these years and gave you shelter. In this world of Men, we other creatures live a life of misery. Men are monsters”, the beetle proclaimed.
I did not believe him. My master was a good man. He was the only family I had. My mother had abandoned me at the doorstep of my Master’s house after my birth. My Master had taken me into his family. My other friends have told me that when I was a kitten, smaller than even my Master’s palm, he used to feed me milk with the help of small ink refills. My eyes have always been weak and now I am blind – but Master used to apply medicine and clean my eyes with a soft cloth. I used to poo in Master’s house, but Master never punished me.
He has fed me, nursed me when I was sick, looked after me every day of my life. When I used to stray afar and could not find my way back home, Master would always find me and carry me back home. He has protected me from the stray dogs and other humans, fed me fish and milk every day.
“No. I do not believe you. I have full faith in my Master. He will find me and take me home. He will never abandon me”, I told the Beetle firmly.
“Whatever!”, said the beetle and resumed his chirping.
I started walking towards what felt like a wall and curled myself against the wall, and began to wait. Either my master would come and find me, or Fate would take me with her. I started thinking of my life gone by. I have heard that every creature thinks of his past before death and life just flashes past in an instant before the inevitable. Would today be the last day of my life? I felt sad, but I would not mind dying. I had lead a good life in the cocoon of my Master’s love and compassion. I was sure that he had not abandoned me – I had strayed too far from my house and now Master was not able to find me. I had full faith in him. I was exhausted, hungry, thirsty but there was nothing I could do – I could not hunt for food as I was blind – the world had always been a dark place for me, but for my Master’s love which made my world bright.
An hour passed and I dozed off. I woke up again after some time. It was quite late as even the beetles had stopped. I again began to reflect on my life gone by.
I had no complaints in life. I had had food, shelter, a family and the love of my Master. As a cat and especially a blind one to boot, I could not have asked for more. It was God’s infinite grace that He gave me my Master. My only regret was that I could not tell my master, show my master for the last time, how much I loved him, how much I trusted him. I wish to God that I get born as a cat again and again and always as my Master’s pet.
I began to pray to God, “Whatever happens to me, I do not care. Let nothing ever happen to my Master. God, by your Divine power, please let my Master know how much I love him”. Time went by, and I dozed off once again, exhausted but at peace with myself and full faith in my Master.
“Kanuuuuuuuuuu ….”
“Kanuuuuuuuuuuuu …. haram jyada kothay geli ? (Kanu, where are you?)”
I woke up with a start. I heard my name.
“Meowwww”, I called, but my voice was weak from exhaustion and dry from thirst.
“Kanuuuuuuuuu …. aaaaye aaaaaye aaaye !! (Come here !!)”
It was Master’s voice! Master had found me !!!
“Meaaowwwwwww, meeeeeeeeaaowwwwwwww …”, I started calling out aloud and started moving towards the voice.
“Oi to Kanu, oi gachtaar pechoney …(there he is, behind that tree)”, a second voice came.
The next thing I knew, I was in the arms of master. In those trusted arms I found my world once again – the warmth, the love, the concern and the care enveloped me again.
They all say, trust in God. I say, Trust is God.

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