God as I Know – 03 : Through the eyes of an Assimilator

I am an assimilator.
From the towering Alps to the depth of the Atlantic, I have traveled through the ages and observed Nature in her various moods. I have drowned myself in the beauty of Earth, reveled in her fury, danced in her rains and snowfalls alike, basked in her sunshine and read her Writ. I am humbled before Her boundless grace, her love, her compassion, her acceptance, her tolerance and her beauty. All around me, I see her manifestations and through these I have assimilated all her innocence and her purity.
Innocence is all around – we just need to spread our arms wide and accept innocence in all its myriad aspects. From the pellucid water of the lakes, to the blue seas, white sands, dark clouds, snow-white peaks, blue skies, green valleys, fluttering butterflies and chirping insects – Nature has spread her innocence far and wide for us to absorb and inculcate.
The two small dogs, little more than puppies, play and frolic in the sand. When I pass by them, the black one, Blacky, whines in earnest and wags her tail with all her might. Jumping around in joy, she just runs around me, wanting me to play with her, wanting me to join in their fun, wishing me take notice of her activities, wanting me to love her, to pet her. The spotted one remains tentative, and rejects my offer of biscuits – she is suspicious as ever of humans. I try to convince Spotty, that I am not one of them – I maybe a human, but I am also an assimilator of innocence, but Spotty still remains tentative, she remains unsure of my motives, but Blacky is ecstatic when I offer her biscuits. I move on and they resume their fun and frolic – innocent games of run and catch, rolling in the sand and seeking love from nearby humans – some of whom show tolerance, others show fear. They mistake innocence for hostility.
Innocence is there all around us – but we have lost our faculties to perceive innocence. A child playing with his mother, a cat patiently tolerating her energetic and playful kittens, a tigress feeding her cubs, a crow sitting on a buffalo, a zebra grazing peacefully in the plains, a cow mooing in front of your house seeking water in a hot day, a young kid running and playing with a tyre and a stick on the road ignoring the cold weather, a grandfather playing with his granddaughter – I have found innocence everywhere.
The grace of Mother Nature is infinite and I owe all my faculties and observations to Her. Blessed I am by Her, to see innocence all around me and I through it I see Her all around me.
For God is Innocence.

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