Break Free

Break Free

Break free and run.

Tear off the shackles.

These were the thoughts running through my head after I saw the Dog.

I was on my way from Karunamoyee to Technopolis.

The traffic suddenly slowed down because the 3-lane road converged to 2-lanes – the middle lane was empty.

We all looked at the middle lane, wondering why, when suddenly I saw the Cause.

It was a Dog. Running like hell. Right through the middle of the road. Without any thought, any fear, any apprehension – totally focused on a destination whatever it might have been – the dog streaked by.

The supreme indifference with which the Dog treated the nearby traffic was a visual delight.

The dog had broken free and had torn off all the shackles. It ran like a possessed being – unafraid, focussed and unwavering.

It set me thinking – I need to break free.

I need to tear off all shackles.

2 Replies to “Break Free”

  1. And have you managed to Mr. Mherj?
    Your post struck me and I felt the need to respond.

    Certainly, your experience has been noted numerous times. And perhaps resulted in these questions/feelings as well. I, on the other hand, am provoked to ask, what motivated the dog to move with such haste blind to immediate danger. Was it the scent of a beloved food or a important person? Or something more abstract like freedom or love?

    Yet, I'm not quite sure that this run-away canine needs to symbolize the breaking of shackles. Do we not move quickly in urgent situations with little regard for any hazards? Indeed, might it not be those shackles that you mention that, if not directly caused, precipitated the run? Because most life forms are social animals which leads to support systems, responsibilities, relationships and bonds that continue over lengths of time. So perhaps the question should not be, to break the shackles but to extend the strings that we may each have room to explore and accept.

    Thank you for your thought provoking statements.

  2. Have I managed to break-free?

    Yes and No. Yes I have managed to break-free of those things which seemed to be shackles then – but then as life goes on we realize there are many such constraints or shackles and hence I have not really "broken-free" in absolute terms. Breaking free of each such chain or shackle at every level and moving on to the "next level" is what human evolution is all about. I use evolution in a loose sense – "mental evolution" as well as "spiritual evolution".

    Now about the other aspect. Frankly, I never felt the need to investigate why the dog ran the way it ran and I am in complete agreement with you – perhaps it was food, perhaps it was a person, perhaps love or maybe even the thought of being free. For me what was more important was the fluid motion of the "canine" as it ran in the middle of a crowded street with absolute disregard for all mortal dangers and threats. This spirit of utter disregard for the normal human constraints may signify two things – either the dog had snapped mentally and gone bonkers, or it had decided "enough is enough" and had decided to break-free of all boundaries and constraints. I, choose to accept the second one. I may be incorrect however.

    To answer the last part – the dog like any other social animal, continues to be part of the social system. By "breaking-free" nothing happens to the strings which remain the same – the expansion happens at an altogether different level – it happens at the mental and spiritual level – at the relationship level things would still remain the same.

    An analogy would be gravity perhaps – you can explain the force using a simple formula or you can explain thing using the concept of sagging of the space-time fabric.

    Not sure if this answers your question 🙂

    Thank you very much for your comments!!!!

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