17 Amazing Facts about Organic Tomatoes

In this post I will share with you 17 Amazing Facts about Organic Tomatoes. Organic tomatoes are grown naturally using fertilization and pest management techniques that do not use artificial or synthetic chemicals. They are grown and sold locally. (3)

For many millennia in India we have been growing nutritious food in healthy soil with no artificial pesticides and chemicals. Yet in order to embrace modernity, India started introducing large scale mechanized farming, artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and chemicals since the 1950’s! We were simply copying what the American’s were doing.

The result has been that farm productivity has actually come down and farm produce has become less healthy and in fact harmful because of heavier concentration of these strong chemicals. In fact processed fruits and vegetables have lower nutritional value than their fresh commodities because of the loss of vitamin C during processing. (7) Now the world is moving back to organic, and Indian farming is once again going back to its organic roots.

Facts about Organic Tomatoes

Tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable, and research has show that it contains a number of important nutrients. (4)

  1. Tomatoes are one of the highest pesticide sprayed vegetables in the world. Hence organic tomatoes are automatically better because they have no artificial pesticides. (9)
  2. Organic fruits in general contain 40% more antioxidants and have higher levels of beneficial minerals. (4)
  3. Organic tomatoes are 40% smaller than conventionally grown tomatoes, yet they contain 57% more Vitamin C. (1)
  4. Organic tomatoes have 2x more phenolic compounds such as flavonids which help the body help the body fight oxidative stress – a form of chemical damage linked to chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and dementia. (1)
  5. A tomato flavonoid called lycopene, found in higher concentration in orrganic tomatoes, is known to slow tumor growth.  (1)
  6. In fact lycopene found in organic tomatoes in abundance has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of stroke (5).
  7. Lycopene has also been shown to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer. (1) (6)
  8. When organic tomatoes are cooked the bio-availability of lycopene actually increases rather than decreases as in other raw foods, and hence cooked organic tomatoes are actually more nutritious and healthier. (4)
  9. Overall antioxidant levels actually increase by 30% when organic tomatoes are cooked. (7)
  10. Organic tomatoes have double the concentration of two specific types of flavonoids – quercetin and kaempferol – which are known to have potent antioxidant properties. (2)
  11. Since organic farming ensures that no harmful chemicals were used, organic tomatoes ensure that the amount of toxic residues you end up consuming is significantly, which is a major benefit in and of itself. (4)
  12. Organic tomatoes are GMO free and hence contains no unnatural or artificial genetic modifications. (8)
  13. Since organic tomatoes are sourced locally, the money stays within the community.
  14. The organic farmer stands to gain monetarily because he can sell his tomatoes directly to the market without needing middle-men or multiple aggregators.
  15. There is practically no long-distance transportation of organic tomatoes, hence there is also no carbon emission.
  16. Organic farming ensures that the tomato plants stay healthy and natural, and this ensures protection of environment.
  17. Holistic benefits of organic tomatoes consumption include improved overall health of families and communities and better overall health because of use of organic produce, ensures lower medical costs and higher prosperity.


As is obvious there are numerous benefits of organic tomatoes of which I have listed only a few. Common sense dictates that fruits and vegetables which are natural should be better. That’s what we Indians had been producing tomatoes since ancient times and were managing fine, till suddenly against reason it became fashionable to move towards mechanized farming with use of artificial chemicals. After 60 years of mechanized farming and famines and devastation and drought, the world is realizing the old adage “Old is Gold” and organic tomatoes are once again becoming popular.

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